Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where has Carrie been?

I am finally, feeling good...YEAH! Still coughing but feeling like I'm going to make it! Today I brought our fourth family member to the doctor, Kristen and she is the only one who wasn't diagnosed with the pneumonia that was sick.

Our pediatrician and staff felt so sorry for us! She looked in Julie's files at our first visit with her and that was back on October 12th. I missed out on so much....visiting the pumpkin patch with the family, Scott took all the kids so I could sleep. Then I missed out on trick or treating. I did make them take my camera! So I do have pictures to share and will have them at the end of my post here.

I just looked at the Paperthreads newsletter it is totally AWESOME!!!!!! I hope you have signed up for it! Every month it will be issued with articles to help you in using your machines to scrapbooking techniques! Free files before they are released for you to download. And much more I can't tell! So sign up now if you haven't done so lately. Here's the link NEWSLETTER.
If you were signed up for it before the switch to the new server you need to sign up again because those emails were lost. Believe me a few moments of your time will be well worth it...so don't delay!

Now, my yahoo group...This group was created mainly to distribute free files and make announcements on my upcoming classes. I don't see that I will open up the group for sharing other information since we do have the forum at Paperthreads to learn from and share your creative files there. Now that I am feeling better I will be putting more files up for you to download starting tomorrow, Novemeber 13th.

Here are some of our little trick or treaters...and big ones! Jason came over with Brian's help and took the little ones out for us...aren't they sweet! I just love my boys!

Pumpkin Patch


Shirley said...

Glad you are on the mend!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better - take care of yourself and the family!

Carrie Schwartz said...

I am so glad too, thank you Shirley and Deb! I'm just amazed how quickly a month went bye!

Have a wonderful week!