Saturday, February 23, 2008

planning a vacation?

we are planning this years vacation... has to be a place where we can feel relaxed

and soak up some summer sunshine...

we can't forget the suntan lotion!

...or our sunglasses and filp-flops!

While at the beach...

we plan to build sandcastles...

...and hunt for shells

play and lay in the sand....

and swim in the ocean...

...any ideas on which beach to visit?

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm blogging.....

ok...ok...”I'm going to blog” is what I say to my newest mentor! She’s on me almost constantly that I have to keep this up and I come back with every argument that I can think a little kid...”no mom I don't want to”...”but you have to”.

She tells me my blog sounds so professional. Well, I thought about that comment and came back to her later...ah, you didn't mean professional did you? You meant to say it's boring, it's dull. That's what you meant, huh... isn’t it?! She just laughed! And continued on with her plea...your readers don't know your personality. OK…then how do you show your personality in a one way conversation because that's what it is! I feel like I'm talking to myself! I am a people person. I love to converse, to socialize, to laugh, to have fun. How do I do that with my blog readers?

Just share your self...hmmm...but what do I share...what do they want to know? They want to know you. Well I'm just like all of them...maybe with a bit more drama going on with all these kids! And God knows I don't want to share all of that!

Tell them about the things your children do and what you do with them. Well, you know I don't like to write...I never did. It has always been a struggle for me. I never wrote letters until like my thirties and that's after throwing away several drafts. Well, you just have to get over it! So… I blogged the other day! You all saw it, didn’t you? I felt like I whined and whined...but she was very proud of me! But then said ok now that you blogged for the month we won't see you again. HUH! You have no idea how busy I am...blogging takes time...time away from me making die-cuts for them...BUT… they want to know more about you...

So, all night long I’m thinking… what should I tell them. Then my sister, Pam, calls. We had much to catch up on. While we are talking, she’s having a little trouble with her youngest girl then says to me…”Oh, Carrie, she’s almost as bad as you were!” Inspiration!

…here’s little tids bit about me:

Our nightly routine: When I was between eighteen months old and two, my parents would put me in my crib, giving me many hugs and kisses in hopes that I would go to sleep. But this is what would happen nightly!

Once the door was shut they would hear…smack…door creaking open, bitter batter- bitter batter, spank spank…Carrie go to bed! And over and over it would go.

Fast forward: At four years old, I had a peddle car and the mailman just loved me (rolling eyes)! I would take that little peddle car up a hill about a block. Then turn right and continue up a very steep hill about the length of two blocks, blocking all traffic and mostly the mailman. He would get out of his truck and say, “where do you live?” I always took him to my mom’s best friend’s house, Bev, who lived at the top of that hill. And She always got the blame for me driving in the street.

I loved ice cream! We lived about three miles from DQ (Dairy Queen) and I would get it in my mind to walk there, alone, across the busiest street until one of my mom’s friends would see me and bring me home.

Streaking: Ok I really gave my mother a hard time when it came to baths…I would take off into the neighborhood and she would have to make Kay or Pam chase me!

Shoes… who likes them?
As soon as I would get out our front door I would hide them…but never remembered where.

Now I just reminded my self how blessed I am with my kids!

Not many pictures of me when i was young...but you can see behind me the road I would begin my adventure on! Don't I look so innocent!

Ok mentor!!! Are you happy?


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

drum roll........

thanks for joining my mommies drawing!

mom wrote down all of your names...


and jesse made a picture for all of you girls.....High FIVE!

jesse sneaks a name out of the bowl.......

mom's like...."OOPS, he already drew the name!"

the winner is georgia...

mom says I can do this next week...

sh-sh, we're not going to tell jesse...

since he sneaks out the names... see you then girls

julie guys are great! Thank you for joining me in my sale...and signing my blog...I'm going to allow some time for more entries so if you didn't get a chance yesterday I'll keep that going till this evening around 5:00. That way Julie, my 7 year old, will be home, hopefully all of her home work completed and we can draw a name. Are you the lucky winner????

Yesterday was a fun day for us. We needed to get out! I think cabin fever is setting in. Since my sister had the day off, we met with our girls, had lunch and went looking for some bargains. Kay's been working so hard so it was the perfect time to catch up. But did we get to catch up during our lunch...Noooooo.... We had four preteen age girls mocking everything we did. It all started with the Happy Meals Spiderwick gadget which I purchased for Lorelei, Julie & Jesse. As they passed around the little spy glass, Kay & I couldn't see the little shapes that were suppose to be coming off of one of the characters. I mean they stuck with this over fifteen minutes laughing at us. Well, finally someone checked the glass we were looking through and said "this ones not working".

Finally after everyone finished lunch, we thought we would let the little ones play in playland. We could talk and let the older girls visit. Did that happen? NOOOOOOO! It was such a simple plan but the girls insisted on climbing the tubes! Here they stoodright in the middle of the equipment making every type of excuse to get up those tubes. I was worried about them getting stuck and what the other parents would think. Here we are trying to sit, enjoy our time and having to argue with these girls. I tell them it's against the, one of the girls goes off and asked the manger what does she say....they can climb it. So now the battle continues as they have the official go ahead. While this is going on, they are standing in front of a slide. This little one year old comes down the slide and her mother is trying to get to her. I'm likegirls get out of there! For the next thirty minutes we get looks and comments from the Kay decides to treat them to some ice cream. At this time I just needed some coffee!!! We left playland to order their surprise. As we are standing in line waiting for them to hand us the ice creams we turn around. What do we see??? Four over sized pre-teen girls up in the tubes. I couldn't believe my eyes.....they were out of control! Needless to say they got there ice cream and left us alone.....

Well, then I see Jesse being surrounded by these three little boys. They are being totally silly running around screaming in each others faces. It was kinda of funny....till Jesse had enough. He gave one of the boys a push, then a side a little karate move (that he learned from his brothers!). The little boy was fine, like nothing happened but I couldn't stand for that behavior. So I pull him aside to let him know this is not how we handle things....I look over at Kay she's laughing....I give her that look like "What?????" she says "at least he'll be able to defend himself in school." Oh...I don't even want to think about it!

What a difference it is having my first three children! Life was so much easier. They were always a pleasure to take out...well, until we home schooled. But that' another story! You would think that Kay and I had enough! Oh, nooooo....we take them all shopping! I should have known better than to take two preteen girls, two seven year old girls and Jesse into any store! I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

The first thirty minutes wasn't too bad. I took the little ones looking for shoes. Kay went off into the coats section and the "older" girls off to look at jeans. After we met up again, I asked the older girls to watch the younger ones so I could look through the home decor with Kay. And we handed out cell phones. So as we are enjoying a little talk, a little bit of sharing...finally hidden at one end of the store. My cell rings....Mom....Jesse, Julie and Lorelei are running away from us...I'm like where are you....over by the mean all the way on the other side of the store! Well, that was it about five minutes of catching up for us! And guess what?! When I get there, they are all together like nothing happened. So I realize what's going on here...our girls have hit the age.... Where it's fun to upset mom. It's fun to make fun of her. It's fun to see her going nuts and the four of them are just feeding each other with delight! girls give us fifteen more minutes...let us do some SHOPPING and we will take the little ones. If anyone MESSES UP, I'm not buying you anything. It worked! not it is check out time. Jennifer presented me her idea of a bathing suit for this year. Ummm...I'm not even thinking of bathing suits! It's 30 degrees outside!!! And WHY would she even think that I would buy such a suit?!!!! Let me just tell youJennifer is a bright girl, exceptionally bright however, it's either her way or the highway!!! So, here we are waiting in a long line, going back and forth with the same argument over a bathing suit! I finally just handed the itty-bitty thing over to my niece and said get rid of it! Kay once again is standing their giving me a look...."I've got the same argument but we don't start till the weather warms up." My look back at her......rolling eyes with a big snicker!

Well that was it our time had run out. We shared big hugs said our good byes...and took off for our homes. I guess lessoned learned, at least for me. When Kay and I want to catch up, we need to stick to the phone....or, better yet, sneak out to lunch ALONE!

You know what the funny thing is...this morning as I'm driving the girls to the bus stop listening to my morning show, which is sharing news on a new study..... St. Louis is #3 on the list of most stressful place to live...HMMMMM I wonder why?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents Day Celebration!

Surprise!!! Thanks for stopping in for my Presidents Day Celebration! Your just going to love some of the new exciting super and mega packs that I have put together for just released this weekend my Birthday Celebration Mega Pack. This is full of all the files that I have created to help you create some great pages, send out cards or make a banner with.

And speaking of banners have you seen them? Think big, think little these banners can be used on a 12 X 12 layout, 6 X 6 layout or enlarge them and string with ribbon to stretch across a wall..
my little Julie, who is only seven enjoyed making these banners with my PlAyFul Banners:Frills file and my PlAyFuL LeTtErs. After making her banner she hung them over her bed and loves to share her creation. I think she did a fantastic job! You can see and win the PlAYfUl LeTtErs at the end of my post.

Julie's not the only one who was playing with my die-cuts. Kristen wanted to make her girlfriend at school a locker posters for her birthday. I have to say she was so proud when she got home on Thursday, she said everyone commented on her work. I think she did a great job and started a whole new idea for mom when your child comes to you needing a know what to do!

When Katie saw what we were up to she had to join in and she created this beautiful layout which she bought a frame for and gave to her sweetheart on Valentines day.

and this card....

She was so cute going through my titles asking "Are you sure I can use these?"

Flourish II

One of my free files to give away today!

Coming out very soon....two other packs for you to save big!

School Days Value Pack

Handyman Tools Pack

Another freebie for you!

Sign my blog with your name and the format that you are using to win these fabulous PlAYfuL LeTtErS!


The winner will be announced Tuesday check back to see if you won!
And if you are the winner send me an email so I can get you your prize.

Now a special file for my group members.....

Tool Time Clippies

Thank you for stopping in and check back next week for more sale announcements and new files coming your way!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


I've have several emails on HOW TO LEAVE A COMMENT....

here is what you need to do.
At the end of my last post under my name it says;
CLICK "COMMENTS" a new window opens on the right you will see Leave your comment type what ever you would like. Choose an option for identity then publish your comment.
If you have any more questions feel free to ask!
Have a great day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Sale Monday!

Visit Carrie's Creations all day Monday for some fantastic savings on Mega packs and all of my files. Come back to my blog for free files and a chance to win some files.

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!