Friday, September 19, 2008

Carrie's Creations CDT Call

Have you ever wanted to be apart of Carrie's Creations Design Team?

I'm putting out the call ladies for six fresh new faces to join my AwESoME team of Creative Designers. It's a great way to challenge yourself!

Here is what I'm looking for:
  1. sketches- two cdt members to provide sketches, every other week.
  2. two cdt members to create a layout from the sketches, every other week.
  3. two cdt members to create cards or projects using my files every, other week.

What you will receive:

If you want to provide the sketches you will have the first choice of any files in my store. But you must incorporate the die-cuts into the sketch.

The two cdt members who create layouts for me will receive the files to complete the layouts following the sketch.

Two cdt members creating cards or projects will get to choose files from the store to complete there card/project.

What you need to do to apply for a position:

  1. sketches- if you love to make your own sketches then this is right for you! Email me a request for a file to incorporate into a sketch. Please put in the subject of the email "sketch". You will then have three days to complete your sketch using the file that you requested then email a jpg back to me. Unless of course you have some of my files you can then just submit your own sketch using one of my files.
  2. if you are interested in creating layouts following sketches email me a request for any file to complete the sketch displayed. You do not need to use the acorn/maple leaf files, I want to see what you can do with any of my files using the sketch. Please put in the subject line "sketch layout" when making the request. You will then have one week to create a layout following the sketch and to have a jpg sent back to me.
  3. if you love creating cards or home decor projects please email me by requesting a file or files that you will use to create one of the projects. You will then have one week to get a jpg of your design back to me. Please put in the subject line of the email "cards/projects".

What you need to understand:

Each CDT member will be expected to sign an exclusive contract with Carrie's Creations. The contract will expire in six months. I expect submissions sent to me every other week, no exceptions! If you don't feel like you can keep up then I wouldn't apply for this position. You can always send me your creative ideas to receive free files. :0

The call for new CDT members will be open from now until October 15th.

The benefits of joing a CDT are wonderful! You will get free files. You will find that you are using your cutting machine instead of just collecting files :0 You will see more pages scrapped! Whoo isn't that the reason we all began?

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sale starts tonight...40 % OFF

Enjoy 40 % Off all of my files beginning tonight and running through till September 21.

Unfortunately, I'm going to be down for a while since all of my efforts in getting my outlook and Internet explorer to work failed.  I'm preparing to do another system restore. 

For those who have asked to join my group I can not get to my yahoo group to approve you.  If you get rejected please try again next week when I get everything back in order.  I'm so sorry and have been trying to get to yahoo but the browser locks up.

For those who have sent me layouts or projects I was able to save the pictures now I will be backing them up, but I can not respond since I can not use my email.

I see I have some messages in my pm I can't access them either.  Once I get the system working I will look into the messages there.

To my cutters and creative team once I get going I will be sending you more files that sit here in need of cutting.

Here is a couple of projects sent in from my creative team I hope you will enjoy the creative ideas:

rocket ship playful tag  

school supplies

Created by Shelly using the spaceship from my "Blast Off" file.

Here is a cover that Chrissy made for an album using my Christmas Globe.



I get so nervous having to do this and afraid that I may lose some work or something important but it is better then losing it all.  Once I'm back I hope to get to some challenges, contest and more ideas for you for you to use my files.

Wish me luck or better yet say a prayer that all goes well.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An attempt to contact

My browsers over the weekend has been hijacked??? Have you ever had such a thing happen? I'm a bit frustrated with those who spend their precious time that we have on this earth, creating havoc for others! My advice to them have more children! Then they wouldn't have so much time on their hands!! Well I can say that since I have experience in knowing the truth of that statement!!!!

I'm trying to see if using my Windows Live Writer will post to my blog, hopefully so. As I am typing I am getting ads that open automatically.

Just to let you know, since a customer contacted me . I do plan on getting back to my designs and incorporating the suggestions from the survey as soon as I get over my computer problems.

I was sick for over two weeks. Then the older girls and I had a prior commitment to volunteer at Catholic Familyland over the weekend. Also, we are working to have our granddaughter placed on our care. So there has been much going on and now my greatest challenge to get rid of the problem of my browsers.

Once I'm back in business I think you will all be thrilled with some of my newest creations that I was able to pull together in the midst of everything going on.

Talk with you real soon!