Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Ours was a very busy weekend catching up with so many people!!!

Friday, I spend the late part of the evening with my son Jason and his girl friend Andrea, at one of my favorite restaurants. Then they took me up the road to one of their favorite hang outs, to see some of their old high school friends. Jason brought me over to a new "game" where you bunch a bag and it rates your bunch. I scored 560, not bad for a little gal like me!!! Jason went over the top by scoring 960!!! It felt so good and all the while I would think this machine needs to say "Cancer Sucks".

Saturday I took the kids up to my sisters about an hour away for a barbecue and who walks in the door??? Our oldest daughter Katie, she surprised us by coming home from college. The kids and I continued that evening to drive further north from my sisters to met up with friends I met in Ohio, at Catholic Familyland for dinner/rosary and bonfire at their parish. I hope to do this every first Saturday so I can see my sister and our friends.

On Sunday my niece Melissa brought our 92 year old grandmother and her two little children over for a wonderful visit!!! I cooked massive amounts of food which we all feasted!

Later that evening I went out with my oldest two, Katie & Jason after hearing that my scrapbook buddy (a cancer survivor of ten years now) was at with her children to see a local band. We had a great time catching up on our children. The band was amazing!!! I really didn't catch their name, shame on me!!! They sang old songs like Steve Miller, REO Speedwagon, some Micheal Jackson & more with a pop bebop tune which was so interesting since you could recognize the song by the words, before you knew it you would be singing right along.

We had a blast the whole weekend and enjoyed the celebrating the last of our summer days with family and friends and you know I'm quite exhausted!!!

Now that we are in full swing of back to school I thought you might be back to scrapping yourself, maybe your finding some time? I hope too that is as soon I as can convert my files to svg's UGH! It is tedious!!! But for those who have the Cricut I'm sure you will be happy to know I've started the process!!! I just finished all of my school files which still have to be loaded in the store but if you purchase any of them and send me your receipt I can send you the converted files.

Everyone of my school files are on sale too! All at 40% off up until September 14th AND my School Days Value Pack is 50% off ALL month long so you don't want to miss out on that. If you look on the side bar to the right you will see a link to "School Die-cuts" that will take you to ALL the files on sale in one convenient location.
As I continue to convert files I will be placing them in categories on their own page for easier shopping of my files so check back often to find out what's ready. Unless of course you need them now then you can browse through the many files in my-store by clicking the link up top.

I have also slipped in a couple other files, which I will be converting today that may help with your scrapping of fall themes. MY Accordion mini Album: Jumbo is 40 % off Perfect for your school pictures or a gift for grandparents, you know there special day is coming up fast.

Apple Picking!!! I love to pick apples in the fall, and for all of you who get out there and climb those trees, (just kidding) I've put that file on sale too 40% off!!! Now if this isn't enough to get you motivated to scrap I don't know what else I can do!!! Hey and if you use and share one of these files on a page, send it to me!!! I'll put it up on my blog and you'll get to pick out a file for free.

Don't forget these files are on sale till September 14th!

OK...I'm off to convert and I'll be updating Scott's page soon!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!