Friday, October 05, 2007


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I am so happy the weekend is here! We have are going to have plenty to do! Tonight Julie's school is having a Rodeo Roundup! Their will be crafts, games, food and dancing we can't wait to cut loose and visit with our friends.

This reminds me I have some cutting to do... I forgot until now... I offered some of my die-cuts to place in a scrap bookers basket for a drawing.

On Saturday we will be having twenty to thirty boys and girls from Jennifer's school to celebrate her 13th birthday. Dad gave her permission to invite this many kids, not me! So far I only have one game planned. That's the marsh mellow on the string game... you know you tie a marsh mellow to the end of a string while holding the other end of the string in your mouth, with your tongue you have to bring that marsh mellow into your mouth with out using your hands. I have no idea what else to offer for these kids...maybe bob for apples... the thoughts are coming! Do you have any suggestions? We are having a bonfire and will put out music for them with lots of chips, dips, soda and pizza..... It should be a fun time!

I opened up a yahoo group..... so I can make announcements for upcoming classes, sneak peaks of my newly released files and links to get free files. You will need to join the group to receive the emails and to get access of the links for the free files.

If you sign up over the weekend you will receive my Fall Super Pack just for joining the group.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lots going on....

I haven't been doing a good job here on my blog and their are reasons. I've thought and thought about it.. should I share what's been going on or not. Well I've come to the decision to open up because that's who I am and if I'm not me well then I can't come up with things to say...

Our family has been going through much in the last seven weeks... everyone of us has dealt with a death of a close friend and it's been hard. My daughter Katie lost two of her friends in a car accident while we were on our vacation in August at Catholic Familyland. Then on first Saturday of last month she lost another very close friend from falling off a cliff and drowning. She is doing better but went through so much so we returned to Catholic Familyland and she was able to get some support and some answers. That girl is so amazing she is working two jobs and putting herself through college.

As we went through the month of August more tragedy struck my sons best friends baby passed away she was one year and six days old. Back in March she had fluid filling her brain and the hospital misdiagnosed her condition. She went into a coma and when she came out she was blind and in need of a feeding tube the effects of the coma shut down parts of her brain. Last month her father and mother married and little Heidi was doing so well then suddenly while napping she passed away.

Then last Friday my little girls, Julie and Lorelei (my granddaughter) were spending the night at Lorelei's grandfathers house and had planned a full day with Pete then to our house for a barbecue. On Saturday morning I received a phone call that Pete had a heart attack when I arrived to get the girls we got a phone call that he to had passed away.

As we mourn the deaths of our friends our family is drawing very close together! Which is such a blessing! We always new that our life here is a gift and that we must treat it so and that life is precious. But all of this has made it more clear that we must love and give of our selves because we don't know when we will be called home. We are being called to count our blessings to be thankful for the time we have with family and friends.

It has been a real challenge for me to try to come up with things to say here on my blog. So I would share pictures a layout here or there and maybe a contest just to keep things going. I know that very soon these days will pass and I feel the prayers of many of my friends and co-workers! I've been able to continue creating files I find it so therapeutic where I can think, pray and design as I work through my emotions. I've some what neglected my classes but soon will have the final lessons. I have two new creative team members and am awaiting to announce them.

I hope you don't mind that I shared with you what has been going on.... I'm not much different then you. We all have hopes, dreams and losses... I want you to know life isn't always wonderful for me but I have so much to be thankful for that it keeps me going....

Thank you for listening and visiting my blog...I hope to have some great things coming up soon... just need time to get through these difficult days.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Today I have some little helpers.... Lorelei and Jesse!

We are working on the techniques for the growth chart and wanted to share some of our fun with you! If you haven't signed up for my class their is still time to do so. You can sign up till October 5th. Click on the name SO Big and it will take you to the forum at Paperthreads to sign up.

Lorelei is about ready to lose another tooth... but she's waiting for mom to pull it!

Hope you have a wonderful week!