Friday, October 05, 2007

FALL SUPER PACK give away!

I am so happy the weekend is here! We have are going to have plenty to do! Tonight Julie's school is having a Rodeo Roundup! Their will be crafts, games, food and dancing we can't wait to cut loose and visit with our friends.

This reminds me I have some cutting to do... I forgot until now... I offered some of my die-cuts to place in a scrap bookers basket for a drawing.

On Saturday we will be having twenty to thirty boys and girls from Jennifer's school to celebrate her 13th birthday. Dad gave her permission to invite this many kids, not me! So far I only have one game planned. That's the marsh mellow on the string game... you know you tie a marsh mellow to the end of a string while holding the other end of the string in your mouth, with your tongue you have to bring that marsh mellow into your mouth with out using your hands. I have no idea what else to offer for these kids...maybe bob for apples... the thoughts are coming! Do you have any suggestions? We are having a bonfire and will put out music for them with lots of chips, dips, soda and pizza..... It should be a fun time!

I opened up a yahoo group..... so I can make announcements for upcoming classes, sneak peaks of my newly released files and links to get free files. You will need to join the group to receive the emails and to get access of the links for the free files.

If you sign up over the weekend you will receive my Fall Super Pack just for joining the group.

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the party--you sound like awesome parents.


Carrie Schwartz said...

NO we are crazy! But we do have fun!


Anonymous said...

Scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt would be fun. Or how about a game of flashlight tag? Kick the can?

Love your stuff!!

DebbiB said...

How about the apple on a string? It is even harder than bobbing for apples. Another fun (although messy) game would be to see which team can wrap one member up as a mummy using toilet paper. We did it as the fastest team to use up 2 or 3 rolls of TP and the mummy has to be able to hop/run to a finish point after being wrapped.

Dana said...

Have fun with your party! Thats alot of kids! I am so excited that you are opening a Yahoo group. What kind of classes do you teach?

It sounds silly and it is a childs game.. but seriusoly musical chairs is fun for any age. I have played it a group events that we have had for our local hockey team!