Monday, July 21, 2008

Have you had a chance to see any of my newest line? Well here they are... my little creatures all hand drawn then scanned and tweaked in the computer. You will be assured to have a quality smooth cut along with an original design!

ELLIE the Elephant Paper Piecing

Patrice the Giraffe Paper Piecing

Justin the Giraffe Paper Piecing

Fredric the Frog Paper Piecing

Toby the Turtle Paper Piecing

Watch for more of my critters coming out soon!

The last of the conversions for Fun Time Software are finished! I am so thrilled!

We just have to wait for the files below to be switched out and then ALL my files will have the .wpc file to download. That's pretty exciting and just in time before my sales ends. Remember, you can get 45% off all files until midnight tonight! Thank you to everyone who has took advantage of the sale! I can tell it is going very well.

Beach Front


Christmas MEGA PACK

Valentines: i love you card

Valentines: luv bug interactive card or embellishments

Valentines: Sweetheart boxed chocolates


At the Beach: Seagull & Pelican


Ornamental d├ęcor

Tool Time Clippies

A Muss of Nuts & Bolts

Handyman Titles

Birthday Clips

Playful Banners:

Birthday Party Hats


Handyman Tools PACK

School Days Value Pack

Beach Clippies


Easter Titles

Easter: Joyful Bunny, Egg w/ Joy Title

Easter: Love Bunnies with Grass border

Easter Basket full of Eggs


HaPpY ScRaPpInG!