Saturday, January 05, 2008

the parties on!!!!

Are we having fun? I hope your enjoying all the fabulous deals that the designers have come up with! Since I posted my Happy New Years 2008 file I've heard you loud and clear that you want it!
So I'm putting the file on sale at 50 % off this sale will only run through out this day so don't delay on this deal!!! Here's the code to enter at check out CS_12Days_291d

Also..... my Christmas Mega file will be on sale for the next three days CS_1207_dexa32 just enter the code to receive 50 % off.....

Thank you everyone for visiting!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

it's Tuesday......

Still recovering from my last move don't want to be late!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

drawing for the New Years file.....

we wrote down all your names......

after cutting we folded.....
i think these littles ones are loving this....
they placed all of your names in a gift bag....

Lorelei shook up the bag......

Julie pulled out the winners name......

and it's......

Who was the last to post and this is what she said....
Blogger sussann said...

Happy New Year, Carrie! Thank you so much for the outstanding files and the great sale on your Christmas mega pack. May 2008 be the best year yet!

9:09 AM

Thank you EvErYoNe for participating! I'll see you at my next party!

remember....HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Nope...not here today....

I have to say I'm a bit worn out from the party yesterday!

so keep looking for the blog party one hint she likes to make things "pop"!


Monday, December 31, 2007

Blog Party

If you're looking for the blog party ......then you have arrived at the right place!

WELCOME!!!! All of you new to the cutting world! We want to celebrate with you as proud owners of the most exciting tools in scrapbooking!!!!! So did you get a Klic-N-Kut, Pazzles, Scrapsavvy, Silhouette, Wishblade or a CraftRobo? I know many of you received yours for Christmas..... since Michelle was swamped with shipping orders....... YOU must be on top of the world!!!

And a big Welcome... kiss and big hugs to all of my daily readers and members of my group! You guys are the back bone of my keep me going with new ideas, encouragement and well...... gosh I'm going to get all teary eyed all your sweet sweet emails!!!!!

How I got on as an Exclusive Designer for Paperthreads (if your interested then read on.....)
It's been a wonderful year for me....if some of you don't know....last year I had quit my business of supplying stores with my kits...which where doing very well until our family was in an automobile accident.... No one was seriously injured but it set us back...I would sit up late at night wondering what to do next...I didn't want to get on the highway delivering to stores any longer..... I prayed and clicked...clicking away at designs that's about all I could do....being so numb.... then in March I happened to log onto my favorite web site...You know what I'm talking about...

It seemed to be the place to hang out...I was looking for another swap to participate in and I clicked in an area that I had never gone before....There was an announcement....they (Michelle) was looking for new designers and just a week ago I was thinking wouldn't it be idea if some how I could get on as a designer? BUT there was only 24 hours left till the deadline....and I had to create 5 new I set to work....Pushing everything aside...for the next 24 hours my family of 9 thought I lost my mind!!! Get your own meals, clean your own laundry ...I've got to get this done.....

Within 24 hours I had five files ready to was 20 minutes to midnight....20 minutes till the deadline!!!!!! so I logged on and clicked the email link to submit my files....then suddenly I realized I needed to tweak just one more file....I closed out the Paperthreads web page and opened the file....within 15 minutes I had it ready to I logged on to Paperthreads....I went directly to the post for submitting and it was gone!!!!!

I then realized that the time zones must be different and I just lost out on submitting my files!!!!!!I sat in front of my computer with my head hidden in my hands....I couldn't believe that I allowed this to happen that it was just a matter of time that I neglected to look into and just blew a dream.....

I sat there shaking my head giving up I began to shut down all the programs that were open....WAIT what's this....could it be????? I had clicked on the email link and it was sitting there on my task bar.....A chance an unbelievable chance!!!

I proceeded to fill out the email apologizing for the late arrival and explained that even though the post was gone I still wanted to give it a chance since I still had the email for submitting......then I sent off the five files.....
with in a couple of days I received an email do you have pictures of these files cut out...well I went to work on them and finally got my answer that I was chosen along with the other designers and I have to say it has been such a blessing!

We have much to CELEBRATE!!!!

and to celebrate...... the closing of such a blessed year.....

I am offering my CHRISTMAS MEGA PACK at 50% off!!!!

Files included in the Christmas Mega Pack:

Santa going down Chimney
Old Fashion Ornaments
Ornaments in a Box
Santa Ornament
Believe in the Miracle of Christmas
Jingle all the Way
Cookies for Santa
Santa's Sleigh!
Holy Night
Christmas Presents
Christmas Globe
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
Christmas Lights
Christmas Titles
ho ho ho Ornaments
Joy to the World
Christmas Clips
Snowman Clips
Santa Clips
Christmas Titles III
Christmas Titles IV
Christmas Borders!

To make it easy for you I have placed a link directly to the store just click on the Christmas Mega Pack and enter this code

Also...Each individual Christmas file is 20 % off ....and My Santa going down the chimney is 25% off ...
till January first! So hurry before you run out of I almost did!

Ok so we want to kick this PARTY up a notch! YEAH!!!!! How about a free file?????

Well your going to have to join my group...and let's just take a minute to tell you about this group....the group was started to have a place for me to distribute my free files....send out important messages of new files or classes....the group is not a place to learn how to use your machines or to design or share any information...

WHY? Because the PAPERTHREADS forum has it all!!!! So if you are looking to share and learn click on the link to Paperthreads.....that's where the Party begins and ends!!!! So Please understand....what my group is about....and your free file that I have placed in the group is shown will be available until January 1st so don't miss out!!!!

and a little sneak peek for you.....COMING SOON TO PAPERTHREADS ....

Everyone have a safe and wonderful New Year!

Keep coming to the blog parties so you can get some fantastic deals!!!!!

I just can't let the party end ........for goodness sakes it's New Years Eve!

....... so let's go out with a BANG!!!

For the next twenty-four hours or can sign my post below....leave your name, city and state...... to be the first to own "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008" file... I will have a drawing on New Years Day....with one winner.....

How cool is that!!!!

NOW really!!!

HaPpY NeW YeAr!