Friday, December 11, 2009

~~~BIG CHRISTMAS & Hanukkah Sale~~~

Here's your chance in getting in on some good deals for yourself this Christmas! Get 45% Off all my files now until midnight December 14th~HaPpY ShOpPiNG!

Take a look at my newest file just in time for Hanukkah!

Create cards or make a layout to remember this years Hanukkah Celebration!  The file comes with two titles, a minorah and a Dreidel.

What fun you will have in creating your own unique paper crafts.

Have a safe and joyful Holiday!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New Circus Files


I am so excited about these files, inspired by the Day at the Circus!  Why am I so excited over Circus files coming out in December?  Because they are finally in the store, I know it’s a bit late but hey better late then never. Right when I thought I was moving right along with converting files for Cricut users and finishing up these Circus files I had a computer virus after that fix I worked again on them and wouldn’t you know just when they get loaded to the store my computer went out, it was the power supply, so I haven’t had a chance to announce them. 

Thank goodness for some help from my husband, brother in law and a wonderful friend I’m up and running. I believe I started these back in August after a family member treated my children to the Circus and the second to last file was made back in May for the National Scrapbook day.  My how times fly's and here we are just a couple of weeks away from Christmas!

This is a great time since I have a sale starting on December 11th till midnight December 14th every file will be on sale at 45% off so mark your calendars to get some great deals.

In the midst of all the chaos I have been working to make finding my files easier, this project was started some time ago, I think in the spring.  My hopes is to have links on my side bar by category for my files.  Right now I have Christmas, Thanksgiving and School files once this project is over I think you will find it so much easier to browse though the files you need and when you find the one you are looking just  click the picture it will take you right to the store.  Now how cool is that?


By clicking on the image it will take you to the store to read all about the file. Each file is in separate zip files in the following format; ai, gsd, knk, wpc and svg you can download. 

Circus: Tickets Titles and Words


Circus: Big Tent


Circus: Master of Ceremonies


Circus: Show Horse


Circus: Clown with Cannon


Circus: Monkey in Cart


Circus: Elephant


Circus: Lion Jumping through Hoop


Circus: Playful Seal with Ball


Circus: Trapeze Artist


Spring Square Elements: Flowers


Christmas Titles II


Have a great week!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amazing Wonderful News!

Scott went to his oncologist yesterday for results of a pet scan, he is TUMOR free!!!  Our family is ever so thankful and relieved!  We are truly blessed by a wonderful LOVING GOD to have directed us with skilled doctors, timely chemo trials and the strength from our friends who prayed so hard for us.

He will be closely monitored over the next two to three years since this is considered a non curable cancer by getting scans every two to three months.  Can't say enough how happy and blessed we all feel.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PRAYED and supported our family during this crisis. Scott will be resting as he has to get his energy back from six months of chemo concurrent with radiation. We looking forward to entering the holidays with so much to be thankful for.

God bless,

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Correction on free SVG file...please read

A customer made me aware of a mishap when downloading the svg file, they were getting a gsd file instead. This has been corrected! If you need to download the correct svg file you can do so now...thank U!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Download a FREEBIE...

Get a free file from my Seasonal Thank You Cards can download them by clicking on the format you need. HaPpY ScRaPpInG!
Fall Thank You Card- gsd
Fall Thank You Card- ai
Fall Thank You Card- knk
Fall Thank You Card- wpc
Fall Thank You Card- svg

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I am so excited!!! I have two new files that I just loaded all by my self to the store. Whew! I never thought I would get through the conversions to svg AND loading feels great! I'm pretty proud of myself for learning all the new stuff since I have been out.

My Halloween Oval Title is fun to use on any page layout or card. I'm thinking here how nice it would look as a window cling too, maybe just a little late...sorry! I'm trying to find the time in between all the craziness. And I'll throw in here another reason why I'm excited...Scott as far as we know is through with chemo and radiation treatments! YEAH! Now he can start to gain back his energy and maybe things will get easier for me :)!

Ok on to my next file, maybe some of you have already received it? I made the Seasonal Thank You Cards for ALL of you wonderful ladies and men who supported our family by purchasing the last Vacation Membership. It was my gift to you! I can't thank everyone enough for the loving thoughts, prayers and support that we have received.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful co-workers who created the files that helped pay some of our bills. I feel like I am so far behind on my graditute and thanks along with many other things but I have to pace myself as I look for the time to get what is needed done. Most of all I appreciate everyone's patients!

Now that all that is said...I suppose I should tell you what is in the file. First, a tri-fold card with dashed lines or remove them to score your own lines, (the svg files have seperate files so don't worry about that). And for all of you using other formats you can easily delete the lines if you want.

You will find two "Thank You" titles, one welded and the other welded in an oval retangle. Options, options this is what I like about this file! There are four seasonal retangle muse: spring, summer, fall and winter. The spring and summer muse are so easy to pop out the little papers in between! When you work on the fall and winter I would suggest using the end of a wire paper clip, since some of the pieces are so small. It's a bit more work but I couldn't get the affect I was looking for. To add a little extra touch to the cards I have included seven small die-cuts to fit the seasons.

Come back tomorrow for a freebie from this latest file...I would do it tonight but it's getting to late and my eyes are beginning to close...have a great evening!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I'm already hearing the ideas flowing..."Mom! I want to be a princess, no a skunk, no how about a super hero?"

The excitement begins the first of October, as my kids start seeing the Halloween decorations and costumes in the store. It seems as if finding the perfect costume becomes a month long task. All for that one night when they can run around knocking at the neighbors door screaming "Trick or Treat!".

Even though the decisions can turn into a chaos for us moms, we can have our fun too! Begin preparing pages in advance so when the spooks and goblins come a knocking, you will have your camera ready and pages waiting.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing some exciting Halloween layouts for you, from carving the pumpkin to counting the loot! You will find plenty of ideas so come back often.

Look for specials on sale this week until October 12th, all Halloween files are on sale at 40% off. So start up your machines, grab some paper and pull out the glue gun for some fabulous Halloween treats!I am working on new links to make it easier to access my Halloween and fall files so keep an eye out for that over the next couple of days.

How about earning $15.00 worth of die-cuts? Email me any Halloween or fall layout using my die-cuts, if you're layout is chosen I will show case it on my blog and you get to pick your own files. Email layouts to with Halloween or Fall layout in the subject. Please tell me what file and file number, paper, ribbon, embellishments that you used. Also include the title of your layout along with any description you would like posted.

Pumpkin carving

It's one of our favorite Halloween activities!

Sources: Digi background, mats, stitches & ribbon created in Illustrator, die-cuts Carrie's Creations; Halloween Super Pack CS00086-title "Halloween", Halloween: Pumpkins Jack o Lantern CS00304, Halloween: Pumpkin Muse CS00302, Halloween: Pumpkin borders and clippies CS00300

*if you purchase any of my Halloween or fall die-cuts and would like them in .svg format to cut with your Cricut, just send me an email with your receipt and I will email you the files in the .svg format.

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Ours was a very busy weekend catching up with so many people!!!

Friday, I spend the late part of the evening with my son Jason and his girl friend Andrea, at one of my favorite restaurants. Then they took me up the road to one of their favorite hang outs, to see some of their old high school friends. Jason brought me over to a new "game" where you bunch a bag and it rates your bunch. I scored 560, not bad for a little gal like me!!! Jason went over the top by scoring 960!!! It felt so good and all the while I would think this machine needs to say "Cancer Sucks".

Saturday I took the kids up to my sisters about an hour away for a barbecue and who walks in the door??? Our oldest daughter Katie, she surprised us by coming home from college. The kids and I continued that evening to drive further north from my sisters to met up with friends I met in Ohio, at Catholic Familyland for dinner/rosary and bonfire at their parish. I hope to do this every first Saturday so I can see my sister and our friends.

On Sunday my niece Melissa brought our 92 year old grandmother and her two little children over for a wonderful visit!!! I cooked massive amounts of food which we all feasted!

Later that evening I went out with my oldest two, Katie & Jason after hearing that my scrapbook buddy (a cancer survivor of ten years now) was at with her children to see a local band. We had a great time catching up on our children. The band was amazing!!! I really didn't catch their name, shame on me!!! They sang old songs like Steve Miller, REO Speedwagon, some Micheal Jackson & more with a pop bebop tune which was so interesting since you could recognize the song by the words, before you knew it you would be singing right along.

We had a blast the whole weekend and enjoyed the celebrating the last of our summer days with family and friends and you know I'm quite exhausted!!!

Now that we are in full swing of back to school I thought you might be back to scrapping yourself, maybe your finding some time? I hope too that is as soon I as can convert my files to svg's UGH! It is tedious!!! But for those who have the Cricut I'm sure you will be happy to know I've started the process!!! I just finished all of my school files which still have to be loaded in the store but if you purchase any of them and send me your receipt I can send you the converted files.

Everyone of my school files are on sale too! All at 40% off up until September 14th AND my School Days Value Pack is 50% off ALL month long so you don't want to miss out on that. If you look on the side bar to the right you will see a link to "School Die-cuts" that will take you to ALL the files on sale in one convenient location.
As I continue to convert files I will be placing them in categories on their own page for easier shopping of my files so check back often to find out what's ready. Unless of course you need them now then you can browse through the many files in my-store by clicking the link up top.

I have also slipped in a couple other files, which I will be converting today that may help with your scrapping of fall themes. MY Accordion mini Album: Jumbo is 40 % off Perfect for your school pictures or a gift for grandparents, you know there special day is coming up fast.

Apple Picking!!! I love to pick apples in the fall, and for all of you who get out there and climb those trees, (just kidding) I've put that file on sale too 40% off!!! Now if this isn't enough to get you motivated to scrap I don't know what else I can do!!! Hey and if you use and share one of these files on a page, send it to me!!! I'll put it up on my blog and you'll get to pick out a file for free.

Don't forget these files are on sale till September 14th!

OK...I'm off to convert and I'll be updating Scott's page soon!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sale going on all month....

Did you know that All my files are on sale at 35% off for the entire month of August?

If you need files in SVG to cut with your Cricut Machine I can convert the files you purchased. Just email me at Carrie's Creations on the right side bar with a paid receipt and I will get the files for you!

So enjoy!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Saturday, June 06, 2009

New website started

I know it has been so long...I think of you daily!!! I'm so thankful for all of your prayers!!!

I have so much strength sometimes I surprise my self but I know where it is coming from...your prayers!

I have been asked to start a web page by family and friends so that they can have an update on Scott... so tonight finding a little time...I threw one together. Here is Scott's new web page!
I'm working on getting it is taking time since I needed to get caught up with what has all happened since May 11th. With in a day or so I should have everything up to date then my family members will help me to keep post going...

till I get to that point let me tell you he is recovering from surgery very well! Scott had his fifth radiation treatment on Friday, they are radiating the whole brain at this time. He has no side affects as of yet, although they really are not expected to kick in till the third week. He has gained ten pounds, from the steroids that keep his swelling down. We keep teasing him and telling him how buff he looks...he is lifting some chemo/radiation in the near future for quite some time...we should know that at our next meeting with the oncologist...OK off to bed...

Hugs & kisses


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

It's a pass time we all love! One that unites us in many ways. Sharing our moments and cherishing our creations! Through our passion of scrapping we have formed great friendships and fostered old ones.

Just think how many times have you called or emailed or even posted over this passion we share? Like sharing news of a great sale going on at Paperthreads or Hobby Lobby or the newest line of papers that you just saw at your local scrapbook store? AND when your stuck, you know you can always get help! By posting to a forum or a group to get that answer you need. If it's trying to figure out a setting for your machine or why your paper shoots out at a rapid speed. You know that someone will come along that can give you the information you need.


Of course we can't forget the many times we have laughed the times we have cried sharing our life stories through our pages, a phone call or reading from blogs. I can't imagine any other pass time that has brought so many together in such short amount of time. This is why we celebrate, it is how we are united and I'm proud to be apart of National Scrappers' around the world.

In honor of National Scrapbook day I have designed some special die-cuts just for spring. My Spring Square Elements are perfect for your layouts, cards or special out of the box projects. Each spring square element is unique and as always hand drawn so that you will have an original die-cut.

For National Scrapbook day you can download three of the Spring Square Elements for FREE by clicking the link. Sorry the time to download the free files has expired, sign up for my group to get freebies when offered. The files included in the download are in .ai, .gsd, .knk, .wpc and in this free zip file I am offering .svg format for those who have Sure Cuts Alot so that you can enjoy the files too!

Today only! Enjoy 45% OFF ALL FILES! WHOO HOO- so if you have been waiting for that special file here's a great time to save.

Sign my blog to enter in a drawing to win the entire Spring Square Elements file. Leave your name and state by clicking on the comments, drawing will be held Sunday and posted that evening by my personal judges, Julie & Jesse.

Last but not least do a little blog hopping for some more free free created by the designers of Paperthreads just for YOU they are all themes of Spring. Offer is good today ONLY, so hurry up and get your free files!

Accents by Eddita

Beloved Keepsakes

Diana’s Designs

Forever Memories for You

I Scrap Designs

Jen Adkins Designs

Jennie Bean Crafts

Sam & Hailey Designs

Shelly’s Art

Shirley Clark Designs

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Friday, April 24, 2009

50 % OFF Sale on ALL die cuts for your cutting machine

Have you had a chance to see some of my new files? I've managed to create a handful of fun easy to cut animals that I know you will just love!

Here they are:

I had so much fun working with these animals but I'm not finished! Keep watch for more fun zoo and forest animals.

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Easter projects that you will just love!

Created some lasting Easter Memories

easter_card_TinaTina, one of my CDT members has been very busy creating some awesome Easter ideas for you.  

Create a simple Easter card using my chick file.  Just add a touch of yellow around the edges, make some dashed lines with a marker to the body and wings and add a goggle eye.  It's that simple!



Not sure what to place on your table this year?  Try one of these

Easter center pieces.


Using the same chick, from my chick file, Tina made these beautiful center pieces. Fill a vase with colorful raffia add some decorative Easter items then tie it with a colorful ribbon!  You'll have a beautiful addition for your table.

More Easter Decorations from Tina



 Chick center piece

    The chick was taken from the Easter Accordion Album. First the chick was cut with white card stock then sponged with yellow and orange palette inks.

Two goggle eyes were added to the face.  She found a little tin for a quarter and placed some white grass inside.

Happy Spring Sign 

Happy Spring Sign

Another clever use of a file!  Tina took the bunny from the Easter Accordion album resized him and created this Happy Spring sign.  The title is mounted on a rectangle that has Velcro on the  back so she can switch out the message. I just love that idea!



Easter Layout

I created this Easter digi page using several files. Easter bunny,  Easter Basket full of Eggs, Flourishes and Playful tags were the files used to create this layout. The eggs are from the Easter Basket file I resized them and the flowers were taken from the playful tag file.  My thoughts were to use a variety of files that you already have. 

The files below are ALL on sale from now until April 13th



Easter Accordion Egg Album with Cover

$ 7.99 regular priced $14.99






  Easter Bunny with "Easter" Title

  Sale price $ 1.59  reg. $2.89








Sale price $ 1.59  reg.  $ 2.29



  Easter Titles

  Sale price $ 2.29 reg. $ 3.49



Joyful Bunny, Egg w/ Joy Title

Sale price $ 1.89  reg. $2.79





  Love Bunnies with Grass border

Sale price $ 1.89  reg. $2.79








Easter Basket full of Eggs

Sale price $ 1.69



HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

ALL files on sale 50% OFF this weekend!!!

Enjoy 50% OFF all my files this weekend!

Have a good one!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

The week has flown bye...

Where is time going??? This week was amazingly busy with running the "Our Very Own Pity Party" Bingo and celebrating my oldest daughters 21st Birthday...with everything going on I forgot to post my sale!

All my files are 50 % off till 11:59 tonight!

I have some fabulous creations to share from Tina one of my CDT members who has been plugging away at making projects!



   Valentines: Love Word Album

  I just love the colors and ribbon that Tina used on this album.

  With the sale this album is only $ 1.75, that's until tonight!

  You can see how she filed it up with photos and used ribbon to bind

  the album together.




Tina also took my and changed the look by cutting in different colors!

She also added an extension to the album by cutting down some papers to use

as an insert.  I thought that was very clever!


With the 50 % off sale this album cover with inserts (not the inserts seen created by

Tina) is just $ 1.50! 


HPIM0205    Have a great rest of your weekend!


   HaPpY ScRaPpInG!



Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great layouts to try...




Sledding Adventures

    Cheri created this awesome layout.  She used deep tones for her background and a variety of winter blue scrap papers  which really set the mood for a sledding adventure.  

On the sled she added some descriptive words: "covered in snow-",  "hat jauntily sideways-", "boots on the wrong feet-", "Then home for hot chocolate!" I just love the way she used the sled and just think down the road when they are looking back at the memories they will get a kick out of the boots on the wrong feet and the hat jauntily sideways! 


materials used:  Kelly Pannacci (sp?) for Sandylion (also chipboard snowflakes), Basic Grey, unknown
Creative Imaginations ribbon, Carrie's Creations (sled)    CS00149






            Cotton Candy 

Who doesn't love Cotton Candy?  Rosalie caught some great pictures of her boys enjoying the sweet taste of cotton candy.  The colors are perfect with the soft pinks and blues. She used die cuts from my Cotton Candy file.  The titles, "Cotton Candy", "Sticky fingers", "sticky faces" are wonderfully placed on the page.  Notice how she changed the cotton candy?  Which I thought was so clever...she added cotton to  the top!  Making this layout good enough to eat!       CS00222






Birthday Girl

Jessica's two page "Birthday girl" layout is one to celebrate! By using bright vivid colors Jessica shares the happy occasion. To unify the top four photos she made use of the playful banners: frills by making it a birthday banner, all she did was add the letters for birthday.  Then continued her title with the circle tags and word "girl" below.

The ribbons at the top of the right photo bring the eyes to the focal photo.  By placing little birthday clippies on the edge of the photos she carries out her theme.  A cup cake accent is added to complete the two page layout. 

CS00171  CS00131  CS00167




Hard at Work

Michelle P. sent in this two page layout Hard at Work and received files of equal value for her share.

Using several die-cuts, titles and borders from the Handyman Tools pack  she created a layout that works!  The nuts & bolts border was cut four times in two contrasting colors and placed opposite sides of the page giving the layout some balance.  She randomly placed tool die-cuts and Handyman Titles to add to the theme.  The photos are accented with tool clippies,  which completes a fun layout to follow!  Thank you for sharing Michelle!

tools_ad CS00162 CS00166 CS00164 CS00174

SO What's New?



Create your very own Accordion Easter Album by following along with the illustrated instruction included in the files.

The accordion album measures 6" X 3 1/8" folded, the cover measures 6 1/4"  X 4 1/4".    The album includes the cover and a three section album with a strip for binding, so that you can add as many sections to your album.  Although the cover was made to hold a six section accordion album so you may consider creating the album with out the cover.

Adorn the album with many pieces: a beautiful flourish, the title "Easter", a risen cross, a flower tag (not shown), two floral and butterfly borders, a lily, tulips, three other flowers, a fence, grass, a bunny with carrot, a chick, twelve large eggs with a variety of ways to decorate, a small egg with three ways to decorate, a rabbit's foot (not shown). 

The file has twenty eight die-cuts for you to have fun with not counting the album and the cover!  After downloading you will find the album is in two files since it is so big.  Unless you are cutting on  Robomaster or Wishblade the .gsd format is in four files so beware it is gigantic. 

The album is fun for children to receive or make one for a special friend.  In my personal album left the three small eggs, the bunny, the carrot and  the chick loose so that my children can play with them by placing them in different pockets. The Easter Accordion Egg album will remain a treasured keepsake for our household. 

The album sells for $14.99 but you can get it this weekend for 40 % off...actually all my files will go on sale tonight at midnight and be on sale all weekend long so you have time to get what you have been waiting for. 

Hope you enjoyed the layouts and the sale!


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