Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New Circus Files


I am so excited about these files, inspired by the Day at the Circus!  Why am I so excited over Circus files coming out in December?  Because they are finally in the store, I know it’s a bit late but hey better late then never. Right when I thought I was moving right along with converting files for Cricut users and finishing up these Circus files I had a computer virus after that fix I worked again on them and wouldn’t you know just when they get loaded to the store my computer went out, it was the power supply, so I haven’t had a chance to announce them. 

Thank goodness for some help from my husband, brother in law and a wonderful friend I’m up and running. I believe I started these back in August after a family member treated my children to the Circus and the second to last file was made back in May for the National Scrapbook day.  My how times fly's and here we are just a couple of weeks away from Christmas!

This is a great time since I have a sale starting on December 11th till midnight December 14th every file will be on sale at 45% off so mark your calendars to get some great deals.

In the midst of all the chaos I have been working to make finding my files easier, this project was started some time ago, I think in the spring.  My hopes is to have links on my side bar by category for my files.  Right now I have Christmas, Thanksgiving and School files once this project is over I think you will find it so much easier to browse though the files you need and when you find the one you are looking just  click the picture it will take you right to the store.  Now how cool is that?


By clicking on the image it will take you to the store to read all about the file. Each file is in separate zip files in the following format; ai, gsd, knk, wpc and svg you can download. 

Circus: Tickets Titles and Words


Circus: Big Tent


Circus: Master of Ceremonies


Circus: Show Horse


Circus: Clown with Cannon


Circus: Monkey in Cart


Circus: Elephant


Circus: Lion Jumping through Hoop


Circus: Playful Seal with Ball


Circus: Trapeze Artist


Spring Square Elements: Flowers


Christmas Titles II


Have a great week!



Sue aka barracudasue said...

The circus files are adorable, Carrie! SO happy to see you back designing!

I can only imagine how rough this road has been for you and your family but PRAISE GOD that it's a road you could all travel together and now that Scott is tumor free, things will get better...by the grace of God!

Thinking and praying for you and yours!!!

jzayler said...

These are soooo cute!