Saturday, June 06, 2009

New website started

I know it has been so long...I think of you daily!!! I'm so thankful for all of your prayers!!!

I have so much strength sometimes I surprise my self but I know where it is coming from...your prayers!

I have been asked to start a web page by family and friends so that they can have an update on Scott... so tonight finding a little time...I threw one together. Here is Scott's new web page!
I'm working on getting it is taking time since I needed to get caught up with what has all happened since May 11th. With in a day or so I should have everything up to date then my family members will help me to keep post going...

till I get to that point let me tell you he is recovering from surgery very well! Scott had his fifth radiation treatment on Friday, they are radiating the whole brain at this time. He has no side affects as of yet, although they really are not expected to kick in till the third week. He has gained ten pounds, from the steroids that keep his swelling down. We keep teasing him and telling him how buff he looks...he is lifting some chemo/radiation in the near future for quite some time...we should know that at our next meeting with the oncologist...OK off to bed...

Hugs & kisses