Thursday, August 28, 2008

Would you be so kind in filling out a survey?

I just completed my very first survey and would really find it most helpful if you could give me some feedback. Could you PLEASE. I would like to know what you expect of me so I can serve you better. Just click on the link below.

PollDaddy Survey

Thank you for your time in filling out the survey!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


New files since my last sale...Get them now at 50 % OFF

It was a great month!

We had a winner in BINGO this morning...Kelly announced that all of her words for the "Back to School"  Bingo were called.  WAY TO GO KELLY!

Here are the prizes she will receive:



  School Days Mega Pack

Designer: Carrie's Creations

School Wall/Door Plaque

Designed by: Shirley Clark

Itty Bitty Teacher

Designed by: Sam & Hailey Designs

Back to School  Designed by: Diana's Designs


Everyone who played gets these files:


Apple with Teacher title

Baseball: Playball Title

Designer: Carrie's Creations



For those who had a watchful eye if they found that my misshaped my HaPpY ScRaPpInG!  as I had to sign off each post they won one of the prizes below.



A set of school clips

A+ grade title with clip board

Designer: Carrie's Creations


For those who won challenges they won:


Off to School

mini flip album

Designer: Carrie's Creations

As you can see we had some wonderful files to give away.  Not only did we have some great prizes but we had a blast getting to know one another!

Thank you Ladies for playing BINGO!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!






Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yesterday- as the day went on I had to keep my thoughts tame...what could the big surprise be...
my imagination went places i shouldn't have...maybe it was the slight fever...finally i asked Kristen so who planned all this Dad or you? She said then I knew it wouldn't be a new car...or Scott winning the lottery. I even caught Jennifer who was planning to go to a friends house so how "big is this surprise"...she said "well it's a nice surprise mom" but not BIG!

Anticipation mounted as Scott called and said he would be late...I just wanted to get in bed! About four he called and I finally got to speak to him...he asked if I know what's going on and if I was up to it...I said all I know is that you and I are going out...If your taking me to dinner I can handle that!

Well it is dinner and more if you think you can handle it...then he said I'm make sure you get rest. Once he was home Jessica, Kristen's friend came over and they said "Dad you guys can go".

We left and he said do you want some crab? Yes, and some hot soup!" I didn't see that they had put a bag of clothes in the back of his van...We went to Lumiere Place and ate all the crab you can eat...then checked in the hotel where I had a long undisturbed bath then sleep.

When I woke this morning room service had eggs, hash browns, bacon and toast. It was all such a nice surprise...but I wondered why and when I got home they said "because we love you and wanted you to rest"

Aren't they the sweetest!