Friday, December 21, 2007

While making Christmas cookies.....

I wanted to share with you one my favorite Christmas traditions...and that is listening to the Delilah Show!

Have you ever tuned into her show? I placed a link directly to a list of how you can hear her....

I just love hearing all of her she listens to (she really listens!) and answers the calls that come in... many of the callers have wonderful uplifting Christmas stories to share...sometimes they make me cry and sometimes they make me laugh....but what really gets me is to hear how Delilah has understood the heart of the person who called!! She is so talented in giving the perfect advice or direction that one needs to go ....then she always plays the perfect song to go with the callers story....I hope you like the share!

Merry Christmas!


finally....Christmas Mega Pack

I received enough inquiries through emails that I finally pulled together all of my Christmas files into one very large Mega Pack.....

It's a Very Merry Christmas Mega Pack! With twenty three Christmas themed files to embellish to your delight. With all of the die-cuts in this file you could create a whole album! You will enjoy the quick and smooth cutting of each file that comes in this pack. Many items have beautiful details that will adorn your pages so you can be proud of every page.The Santa going down the Chimney comes with two files since it is so big, one as the file is pictured and the other in pieces all ready for easy cutting. Also included is a downloadable zip file full of most of the instructions for cutting.

Files included in the Christmas Mega Pack:
Santa going down Chimney
Old Fashion Ornaments
Ornaments in a Box
Santa Ornament
Believe in the Miracle of Christmas
Jingle all the Way
Cookies for Santa
Santa's Sleigh!
Holy Night
Christmas Presents
Christmas Globe
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
Christmas Lights
Christmas Titles
ho ho ho Ornaments
Joy to the World Card
Christmas Clips
Snowman Clips
Santa Clips
Christmas Titles III
Christmas Titles IV
Christmas Borders!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

And the winners are......

I had two helpers this time....Julie & Jesse.....

......they are drawing for a $5.00 coupon!

And Jesse shakes up the stocking

.....he draws a name

......Julie reads the name

....and it's




Our next for a $2.00 coupon

....Julie draws a name and we are having camera problems....

my power board is going out.....

the name drawn is....


Congratulations on winning the coupon!


and to those signed up for my group I have a present waiting for you there.....

if you haven't signed up to get occasional free files, notices of upcoming classes then click on my yahoo button on the left.

Thank you everyone for playing it was fun!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and most of all spread some LOVE!!!!

Diane and Jessica please email me so I can get you those coupons!!!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random acts of kindness.....

a surprise card arrived in our mail box the other was addressed from "Santa" but it didn't say from the North Pole....i was very curious who do i know from the town of Pacific? no recollection of anyone.....i just couldn't wait for everyone to get home..... so i opened the envelope... as i read the card wishing our family many blessings a huge smile came across my face as i saw the last printed words....ho-ho-ho....your friend Jerry.

we hadn't heard from Jerry in years! it was truly a surprise such a gift to my heart...and when Scott came home from work that evening...i handed him the card as i watched and waited to see the big smile come across his face and it did...

i couldn't believe how that little card meant so much to Scott and couldn't give us a better was such a simple thing for Jerry to do...then the thought came to me...who hasn't heard from us in a long long time...i was inspired to pull out the white pages and start looking up names...adding old high school friends, old neighbors and church friends to my list...know i noticed that i have a gleam on my face.... as i to wonder how they will receive our Christmas blessings?

to my dear friends here...i'm giving away two coupons.... to two lucky winners drawn.... so click on the little comments link.....leave your name and address....our family will have a drawing tomorrow night and post the winners .....