Saturday, January 26, 2008

Looking for some help.....

First of all I must say a big THANK YOU to all those who purchased my files during the sale on Monday, well and any time you purchase my files! But Monday you guys blew me away with how many purchases where made! It really got me thinking!


I've decided to put out a call...I really need some help!

I need some cutters!

I am looking for a couple of wonderful people to cut my files.

NOW.... that's not all...after cutting you would need to scan a really good picture of the cut file(s) and email them to me.

If you are interested in getting the first peeks at my files and of course you will get to keep the files for your work then email me by clicking the link on my blog, see it is on the left.....and tell me why I should choose you to cut my files. Send me three scanned cut files of your choice to show me what you can the end of this week I will chose my cutters.

No announcement will be made so do your best if you want the position!

I think this may free me up some so I can blog and share files much more often then I get a chance to. I have to say I've been feeling really guilty about neglecting these but I also have to realize I just can't do it all!

Also...I will be putting out a call for some more CDT's, that's Creative Design Team members...I've got something great up my sleeve for this just have to work out the details so with in the next two weeks I'll be putting out that call too! So you might just start thinking about what to submit! I'll give you a little hint....I will be mailing packages....hmmm

Have a great weekend!

OH and HaPpY ScRaPpInG!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The's on!

Welcome to our first ATC Challenge!

Chris Durnan, Jan Bryson & myself have come together to host this exciting challenge for you!
Let me just tell you I enjoyed this simple little challenge... it was easy to do. And I just love the concept! To create a piece of Art that represents who we are and to share these little cards as signatures it's AWESOME. I hope that you can take some time to read up on these powerful little cards. If you let your imagination go you can come up with all sorts of ideas for these make sure you check out the links below!

The rules are pretty simple and the prizes are great so roll up your sleeves put on your thinking caps follow a few simple rules and let's see what you can come up with!

1. Your finished ATC card must be the standard ATC card size of 2.5"x3.5" (can be either portrait or landscape). The card can unfold or have interactive elements that come out from the card, but when "at rest" or closed it must be the standard size.
2. Your ATC card must contain at least one file from one of our hosting designers: Jan Bryson (Sam & Hailey Designs), Chris Durnan (Visual Designs by Chris), and/or Carrie Schwartz (Carrie's Creations). The one file you use from the hosts cannot include the free files being given away on our blogs tomorrow.
3. That's it! Anything else goes! The more unique materials and techniques you use, the more votes you will get!
4. Post your work in the Paperthreads Gallery on February 2nd or 3rd.
5. Voting will be conducted on February 4th and 5th.

Don't let the fact that you've never made and ATC stop you from joining the challenge. After all, I'd never made a single one until last week! It was so fun that I'm already planning more! Here are some great sites to get you going:
Art in your pocket: ATCs
How to make Artist Trading Cards: Basics and Backgrounds
How to make Artist Trading Cards: Themes, Focal Points and Embellishments
How to make Artist Trading Cards: Finishing, Storage and Display

Now every card has to have an official ATC label and I've created some for you to print out (just click on the link and download the can print them and cut them with some scissors or if you know what you are doing... by using Jan's patterns for each card you can place the image of the cards into your file and print and cut...I tried to do it but just couldn't work through it fast enough...well that's with everything else we have planned! And I'm not giving any don't try to ask...anyway you have enough to think about tonight!

We hope to see your ATC cards in the gallery!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!