Friday, August 03, 2007

Carrie’s Creations Creative Team Call!

I am looking for three talented ladies to be a part of my Creative Team! The type of creative team members I am seeking should be fun, creative and willing to be a part of an awesome team!

I need two creative team members to help showcase my designs through creating layouts, cards altered books, mini-albums or what ever you choose to do. You would post this to the Paperthreads gallery and at least one other forum or group which supports any of the cutter machines.

If chosen as a creative team member designer, you will be responsible for:

Creating unique and inspiring scrapbook layouts, cards and/or altered art projects to display in the Paperthreads Gallery. For each project that you submit you need to include a review of the file used. Each CT member must submit at least 2 projects a month, it can be two layouts or 1 card and 1 other altered art project. Projects are due one week after you receive the file.

You must also become a member of the Paperthreads forum.

Posting announcements to the forum of the project that you have placed in the gallery

You may contribute (not required) ideas for files making suggestions for files. I love everyone’s ideas, it really helps me to see what people are interested, so don’t be afraid to tell me what you like!

If chosen as a Creative Team Member you will receive the file for the project, even if it’s a large file!!! or one of my custom silhouette files!

Also, you will be recognized as an Exclusive Creative Team member for Carrie’s Creations.

The other creative team member I am seeking would be my assistant, someone who is fun and some what familiar with current trends in the world of scrap booking and loves to join other forums or groups. This person would help me to market my designs by helping to make decisions on the various groups and forums that the layouts should be posted to. This person would be a member of the Paperthreads forum and be willing to make post on my behalf by promoting my creations

If chosen as my assistant you will be responsible for:

Meet at least once a week to make marketing decisions and brain storm ideas… via Internet.

Be willing to make post to forums and groups on my behalf.

Keep up on current trends in the scrapbook world.

If chosen as an Assistant Creative Team Member you will have the opportunity to choose any file a week! As we grow more benefits will come!!

You may apply for the Creative Team member position by submitting the following by Midnight Eastern Time, August 15th, 2007 to by copying this into your email address, or clicking on the envelope below this post.

You may use any cutter file that you would like it can be anyone from the store or forum. You DO NOT have to purchase a file to enter the Creative Team Search. You can use any one of the free files offered in the Paperthreads forum or store. Show this in the following ways…

1) An original scrapbook layout

2.) One altered art project or card.

3.) Complete a short submission (one or two paragraphs) on why you feel you should be chosen to be a part of the creative team. Tell me about your strengths as a scrapper and as an everyday person and include what you will contribute to our team and to the Paperthreads forum. Tell me anything else about yourself that you feel would help in you being chosen.

4.) List any current DT’s or CT”s that you are on and any communities (message boards) in which you are active. Please include the urls and your usernames. If you have an online gallery / resume please provide the link. Do not be discouraged if you’ve never had any of this information to share!
I will look at everyone’s submission! It’s creativity and personality I am seeking!

5.) Please answer the following questions:

What cutter machine are you using?

Do you plan on purchasing another machine soon?

Do you like to make post?

What is your user name on the Paperthreads forum?

To apply for the position as my Exclusive Assistant include reasons why you think I should chose you!

And answer questions 3-5

When submitting please place in the subject of your email “Creative Team Member” or Seeking “Assistant” position.

I look forward to seeing your work! This is a great opportunity to showcase your work and to receive free files, so begin today by submitting your creative talents! I will be on vacation till August 12th, I won’t be able to answer any questions till then unless you catch me today before I leave at midnight tonight!!


Carrie Schwartz

Carrie’s Creations

Exclusive Designer for Paperthreads

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gwen Coniker

The flower bouquet is now available in the Paperthreads store

Thank you!!!

One last free file before we head off to a full week at Catholic Familyland!

My rose file is being offered in honor of Gwen Coniker who passed away on June 15, 2002. She is the co-founder of the Apostolate for Family Consecration, before she left she told her husband Jerry Coniker that she would send a sign from heaven to those who ask for her intercession. A single red rose! You will receive more than the single rose since I ran out of time in converting files and I want the KNK users to get this too!

Her case for investigating her beatification was presented to Rome this past June 15th, if you are in need or know of a family who is in need of a miracle I have provided a link to download Gwens prayer card for her help!!! Asking for her intercession, if you receive a miracle I ask that you go to the link of Catholic Familyland that is on my blog and report it so it may go into the investigation.

I received a single red rose the year after she passed, it bloomed on my rose bush the morning I was leaving for Catholic familyland, my husband pointed it out as I was loading the car. I was distressed going knowing it would be hard there without her presence and this was tormenting me a week of depression is what I thought. I grabbed my camera and took a picture thinking that it was strange to have a single red rose bloom.

While participating in a meeting with the founder Mr. Coniker spoke of her death, how beautiful it was, how she accepted all of the suffering. He continued in his discussion that Gwen wanted to leave a sign, a single red rose to those she is helping. Tears flowed as I heard this and realized now the reason for that single red rose on my rose bush!

As I shared the story later with the Catholic core they came back with a book to document this small miracle I had received. When I got home I emailed them the picture... still strange to me that I even took that picture. I was so thankful that I went that year even though I thought it would be depressing since she was gone.. NO! The opposite their was more joy then ever before.... another gift left by Gwen. Mr. C also shared in that discussion how she left the spirit of trusting joy, since the day.

God is so good!

Miracles do happen!

1053.6 Miles to go

1053.6 miles to go-

I wanted to remember the night before we left for our big family vacation back in 2003. It was absolutely crazy and to journal this event was important! As we were packing and the boys came home from work we plugged in cell phones, digital cameras, our camcorder, had both washers and dryers going and the air conditioning running.

Suddenly, all the power went out, OVERLOAD!!! Everyone was like OH! NO! Then we heard a loud hissing noise and smelt gas. My husband pulled out the stove and their was a massive gas leak a hole the size of a nickle had broke through the fairly new coil. I wanted to get the kids out of the house... as we all got together to go out the door a storm hit right at that moment. Lightning was coming down all around us... I didn't know if it would be safer to go out or to stay in the house!!! I mean it would be like dashing through the lightning strikes.... Within minutes Scott had the gas turned off so we stayed in the house as he went off to the hardware store...
Soon the line was fixed but our power was still out and it didn't come on until the morning.. the storm knocked out the whole neighborhood!!!

Finally, around noon after catching up with the laundry and charging everything we left, heading for our big vacation. Sunny Florida here we come.. A week along the shores of Redington beach and a couple of days at Disney World!!! Now, as we drove thirty minutes into Illinois three tornadoes come out of the sky and headed towards home. It made us nervous but we were off and nothing was going to stop us!! The whole ride through Illinois and Tennessee we were next to storm chasers.. It was pretty awesome we had never seen real storm chasers, but we knew if we were that close to them something just might happen!!!! Eventually they turned off and we continued on our trip.... arriving safely!!

Journaling this event means much to us, since planning our vacation Scott would say "All I want is to see some great storms." We did!!! Before we left, as we drove and while along the coast from our condo. He actually caught three waterspouts on his camcorder coming our of the sky and recording people fleeing from the pier. We called Bay News 9 with the video footage they interviewed us, bought a copy of the tape and sent ten of us to the Florida Aquarium.

It was an event to remember!

When you don't have pictures of the event.... just journal it!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Waterspouts ~ Tornadoes ~ Storm chasers ~ OH MY!!!!

Interview with Bay News 9

Yep.... that's Jesse snuggled in my belly!

LOL... they got Scotts name wrong... we had to laugh since Dave Schwarz is our favorite newscaster from the Weather Channel...

One of the waterspouts outside our condo....

One day I'll get to scrap these photos!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Neglected again

Hello my sweeties!

I'm once again sorry to have neglected you...

So much as gone on... All of my files have been converted to knk for those who are blessed enough to have the new element! Which I'm going to eventually get it sounds like a beast... I mean like it answers all the dreams we as scrappers would want in a machine so I have nick named it the whoppin machine!

And I have to tell you Jenette Carson: Butterflies Designs did all the conversions for me so I hope you will take a moment to visit her at the store... and look at her AWESOME work!

I worked on getting the files prepared for the store on Saturday night till 4:00 in the morning, figuring we would just go to late Mass....

I was woken at 8:00 Sunday morning, my granddaughter pictured in the pool with Jesse & Julie was camping and when her other grandfather spoke to his wifes in-laws he discovered that their mother (his daughter) had signed our little baby over to them temporarly for a year... with out any of us knowing it! We were told she was just camping for a week. They gave him two hours to visit, which he wanted me to come and witness what was going on... We had to be there by 10:00 and the drive was an hour away.... Lorelei our little Shirley Temple was almost motionless, she melted in my arms not saying a word.... and when they spoke to us about her, they just weren't chariable!!!! Well needless to say I've been emotionally upset!!!

We have had to go into battle and it's taken much energy... we are suppose to leave on our vacation Friday and I nearly canceled but everyone is saying to go.. and her grandpas promises by the time I get home she will be back with him. And he tells me since I'm going to such a prayerful place I would be better in the battle there.

So I'm just getting to pack for our vacation/retreat with very reserved thoughts... I was thinking what should I give my faithful seekers for a special file since you had to wait so long... since I never came back with my photo tips... actually I forgot the settings i used and realized many of us have different cameras so it would be a waste of time... and I know many of you want a file... so I'm going to give you my vacation file for the next twenty-four hours... How's that!! Now I can't promise to keep up with free files from now until I return August 12th. But I'm going to try... just depends on what else may happen???

The Vacation Time is KNK ready so enjoy!!

Now available for purchase at Paperthreads