Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Neglected again

Hello my sweeties!

I'm once again sorry to have neglected you...

So much as gone on... All of my files have been converted to knk for those who are blessed enough to have the new element! Which I'm going to eventually get it sounds like a beast... I mean like it answers all the dreams we as scrappers would want in a machine so I have nick named it the whoppin machine!

And I have to tell you Jenette Carson: Butterflies Designs did all the conversions for me so I hope you will take a moment to visit her at the store... and look at her AWESOME work!

I worked on getting the files prepared for the store on Saturday night till 4:00 in the morning, figuring we would just go to late Mass....

I was woken at 8:00 Sunday morning, my granddaughter pictured in the pool with Jesse & Julie was camping and when her other grandfather spoke to his wifes in-laws he discovered that their mother (his daughter) had signed our little baby over to them temporarly for a year... with out any of us knowing it! We were told she was just camping for a week. They gave him two hours to visit, which he wanted me to come and witness what was going on... We had to be there by 10:00 and the drive was an hour away.... Lorelei our little Shirley Temple was almost motionless, she melted in my arms not saying a word.... and when they spoke to us about her, they just weren't chariable!!!! Well needless to say I've been emotionally upset!!!

We have had to go into battle and it's taken much energy... we are suppose to leave on our vacation Friday and I nearly canceled but everyone is saying to go.. and her grandpas promises by the time I get home she will be back with him. And he tells me since I'm going to such a prayerful place I would be better in the battle there.

So I'm just getting to pack for our vacation/retreat with very reserved thoughts... I was thinking what should I give my faithful seekers for a special file since you had to wait so long... since I never came back with my photo tips... actually I forgot the settings i used and realized many of us have different cameras so it would be a waste of time... and I know many of you want a file... so I'm going to give you my vacation file for the next twenty-four hours... How's that!! Now I can't promise to keep up with free files from now until I return August 12th. But I'm going to try... just depends on what else may happen???

The Vacation Time is KNK ready so enjoy!!

Now available for purchase at Paperthreads


Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything--hopefully your vacation will provide a little relaxation in a trying time.

Thank you so much for your file--it is, as always, awesome!!

Best wishes.