Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gwen Coniker

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One last free file before we head off to a full week at Catholic Familyland!

My rose file is being offered in honor of Gwen Coniker who passed away on June 15, 2002. She is the co-founder of the Apostolate for Family Consecration, before she left she told her husband Jerry Coniker that she would send a sign from heaven to those who ask for her intercession. A single red rose! You will receive more than the single rose since I ran out of time in converting files and I want the KNK users to get this too!

Her case for investigating her beatification was presented to Rome this past June 15th, if you are in need or know of a family who is in need of a miracle I have provided a link to download Gwens prayer card for her help!!! Asking for her intercession, if you receive a miracle I ask that you go to the link of Catholic Familyland that is on my blog and report it so it may go into the investigation.

I received a single red rose the year after she passed, it bloomed on my rose bush the morning I was leaving for Catholic familyland, my husband pointed it out as I was loading the car. I was distressed going knowing it would be hard there without her presence and this was tormenting me a week of depression is what I thought. I grabbed my camera and took a picture thinking that it was strange to have a single red rose bloom.

While participating in a meeting with the founder Mr. Coniker spoke of her death, how beautiful it was, how she accepted all of the suffering. He continued in his discussion that Gwen wanted to leave a sign, a single red rose to those she is helping. Tears flowed as I heard this and realized now the reason for that single red rose on my rose bush!

As I shared the story later with the Catholic core they came back with a book to document this small miracle I had received. When I got home I emailed them the picture... still strange to me that I even took that picture. I was so thankful that I went that year even though I thought it would be depressing since she was gone.. NO! The opposite their was more joy then ever before.... another gift left by Gwen. Mr. C also shared in that discussion how she left the spirit of trusting joy, since the day.

God is so good!

Miracles do happen!