Friday, January 09, 2009

Let's have a drawing!

I know how much you love a chance to win some new files!  So let's have a drawing but this time we will draw to names for two different files... want to see the files you could win?

Family Word Album- this is a great little mini album that you can also use as a display! 


You not only will get the outline of each page and letter but the letter too!

This way you can change your pattern paper to any color you like!

Once you have everything cut then bind with some fibers or ribbon inserting them into the preset holes.  Add your favorite photos and you will have a wonderful family keepsake!

Or how about this one?  

Your very own Personal Planner!


Begin this year by getting organized!  With twelve pages having tabs for the months of the year.

The cover page can be cut several times to be used as inserts. 

Use the pages as a journal, we all need to journal more! You can use the calendar grid and place it on a page to keep track of up coming events or holidays.  Also included in this file are the twelve month titles so you can title each tabbed page. 


Finish your Personal Planner by adding the title "My Personal Planner" with or with out a mat.  Once everything is cut binding is easy by following the preset holes or use your favorite binding method.   

I've also included a "2009" book mark ready  to thread with your favorite colored ribbon or fibers.  This can be easily attached to the album.  Use the book mark to open where you left off from the last time you made a journal entry.

So what do you think ladies? Do you want to try to win one of the files?

Leave your name and city by clicking on "comments" at the end of this post  then on Sunday we, my kids and I, will draw two names and post the results! 

And if you are just to anxious to wait All of my files are 40 % off this weekend so you can get them for a great price and start planning your year or make a nice family mini album.

See you Sunday night!