Friday, February 12, 2010

Paperthreads Customer Appreciation Day

It’s that time of year again!  Can you believe it?

Paperthreads Customer Appreciation Day! It’s time to show you that we appreciate all of your support.  And I have so much to be thankful for from the outpouring of love that I have received from this community!  I just couldn’t let this day go bye with out joining in on your special day!

I am at awe with the with the response I have received form the moment my husband was diagnosed with small cell cancer.  First of all from Michelle Hessler, owner of Paperthreads who acted so quickly when she heard the news to calling upon the designers to put together a fundraiser for our family. The Vacation and Getaway package helped our family make our mortgage for three months as we waited for disability benefits to kick in.
It raised over three thousand dollars which allowed me to focus on the needs of Scott and my family rather then to worry about some of our bills.  From November to December we had some relief after the MRI showed that tumors where gone. 
In January as I was preparing for my turn to host the membership club a new scan showed numerous tumors in Scott’s brain and spin. As I shared the latest news with Michelle she once again pulled together the designers of Paperthreads and began the Scrapbook Cards and More Quarterly Club Membership to benefit our family with love from designer friends of Carrie Schwartz.  The support once again is tremendous just knowing so many care gives us much comfort. 

As I heard plans being made for CAD I just had to find the time to show my appreciation to all of you who have supported us here at Paperthreads and for  those who have showed their support by purchasing and donating to help our family in this difficult time that we are facing. It’s your day! I hope you  enjoy the sales, challenges and free files.

First I have a great sale going take 50% off ALL my files, I am about half way through the conversions for svg so if you purchase a file and it is not yet converted just shoot me an email and I get it right to you.  Please send a copy of your purchase and place in the subject of your email conversion for file or svg please something to catch my attention.  I do try to get to my emails at least twice a day.

My challenge- shhh sorry!  You will have to follow the link to the forum to see what this is about. Just to get you interested I have left you some pictures of some of the files that you will receive for this challenge! 
Copy of riibbon 008_1 riibbon 005-1 riibbon 006_1  
See you in the forum!

Friends Mini-Album

Inspired by the outpouring love from friends, I designed this little mini-album. Most of the pages and albums that I have created are from my family. Well this year with the reuniting of so many high school friends, the caring friends from Paperthreads I thought it would be perfect to make a special album about them. Fill it with pictures, quotes and saying from those friends who are so near and dear to you.  Add some fibers, ribbons and you will have your very own special memory book.  EnJoY! 

Download the file format that you need

the downloads have now been disabled-thank you!

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