Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost in summer bliss....

Summer time I just love it...especially this year! Grant it we have had many storms and one in particular was frightening but I see that this summer, our family is getting closer and closer. We are enjoying the rainy

CS00250days inside and when the sun is shining we are off to some adventure!

I suppose it's because we have had some rough times over the last few years. With a long recovery for Scott and then the set back of the car accident we just didn't have much time to enjoy the pleasure of summer.

CS00252You can see that I was able to get some files created.

And I'm very excited with them. Two files I focused on some beautiful hand drawn flowers. If you were to ask me what I like to draw the most? My answer would be flowers. I find myself sketching them all the time. When I'm on the phone or sitting at the kitchen table with my family I'm usually drawing or doodling some sort of flower. One day, when the children are older I picture my self sitting at the Missouri Botanical Garden painting some of the gorgeous flowers they have on display.


The flowers were created to be apart of my newest line, "In the Garden". Some of the files are now released in the store like my critters, birds and my garden seed packs. I enjoyed the creation of the little critters in making them look so real like! The butterfly die-cut looks like he is ready for landing and sucking up some nectar. My caterpillar is creeping along a limp. The praying mantis is ready for some action and the beetle well he's just a fun looking little critter.


Each file is created with much care ensuring that you will receive a quality die-cut. My bird file has four fun birds to place any where on your project along with a bird bath and house you can re-create your garden for your memories.


One of my very favorites is my garden seed pack. They remind me of my grandmother she spent many days in her garden. I re-created the look of some very popular plants. The tomato bush, black eyed susan, carrots and the snap bean pole. I wanted them to look as real as possible they do take a little bit more to cut with the extra background layer. If you follow the instructions and cut by the color code in the file you will have a gorgeous plant to embellish your scrapbooks!

Watch over the next couple of weeks for some more garden files being released as they come back from my cutters I will get them out as soon as possible.

Well it's more summer bliss...this time we are taking Scott for Father's day to Lake of the Ozarks...we just got a confirmation call that the resort room we wanted is available...YEAH! I mean just now and we leave tomorrow and we have much to do!

Here are some other files that came out today:

CS00255 CS00256

CS00257 CS00258


Have a fantastic Father's Day spoiling your husband or Father!

Let them know how much they are loved...cause you know "It All Begins With Love!"

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CS00079 CS00079_01




We all scream for ice cream

CS00085 We All Scream for Ice Cream!







Thank you for the wonderful emails and encouragement to do what I love the most!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!

Look for a free file in my group tomorrow morning!