Friday, August 17, 2007

Back to School sale starts today!

It's a Back to School sale!!!

25% off on ALL school files.... check them out.....

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This was such a fun file to create!!! You can leave the little grooved lines in the middle of the pencils or pull out the rectangles and layer with another color. Use some cute little pattern paper with a small floral print for a stylish set of pencils....

Hope to see what you come up with!!!!

Have a great day!!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Three post in one day!!!!!

OK... OK... I just thought I'd share with U!

My new files are going up in the store... it's so exciting to watch!!

Have a great night!


two post in one day!!! Crocs

I just sent Michelle here, you know my friend who got me all caught up in this mess by sharing her album she made for her son coming home from Iraq.....

Anyway... I had this problem from the original file that I made... since I couldn't use the word "croc", Which could have gotten me in some type of legal trouble....

She suggested... to add... I love my shoes and These shoes rock!!!! Great Idea Michelle!!!!!

I will work on this tomorrow... still so exhausted from my vacation/retreat and my children are arriving home from school now....

Here's a picture of my original file... so what do you think?

Do you Love your crocs?

Have you got the croc craze? Are you crazy about your crocs? Do you own a pair or two or do you have several pairs?

Around here we only own two pairs of the classic style in pink and blue. I’m not just yet into the craze…truthfully I only wear them around the house!! I would never be caught in public wearing them… they just don’t have style!!! They are brightly colored, bulky and big and on a little person like me I feel like I should be dancing in Holland or something!!! And I have to admit I’m from the Midwest and we just take longer in accepting new things.

On the other hand my girlfriend, Michelle is pretty hip on the “new” tends and she’s the one I have to say that convinced me to purchase my first pair… it was all about comfort. Well she is right they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. Well other then the suede sandals my palomino pup chewed, but she can’t chew the crocs.

Michelle is the inspiration for me creating the croc die-cuts. I don’t know how we got on the subject of crocs. We were both at a wedding catching up with our summer vacations. Suddenly we were talking about crocs, maybe because she was sitting there all comfy in some pretty stylish sandals. Yes, they were crocs! And I was acing from my high-heeled shoes.

In Florida she said “everyone is wearing crocs and you see them in all colors and styles.” Well I knew she had a nice pair on but I had to look for myself, being from the “show-me-state”. So I goggled “crocs”, and found there were some awesome new looking crocs! I continued my search finding people who love their crocs and those that hate them. I even found a crocs fan club…and I think I’m going under a spell… the crock craze!!!!

Maybe, in a year or two us Midwesterners will all be spell bound by the craze… I can see it now… instead of doing the duck dance we’ll be “crock-in-around the clock” with the croc-a-dial rock until we croc till we drop…

Oh, boy! I think I’m going to “croc”!

Top 10 Reasons to wear Crocs
  1. Nothing is softer or more comforable
  2. They are hardly there (less than 6oz.)
  3. Air ventilation ports keep your feet cool
  4. Non-marking soles
  5. Resistant to bacteria and odor
  6. Ultra-hip, Italian styling with molded foot support
  7. Slip resistant
  8. Sterilized in water and bleach
  9. Easy to maintain
  10. Water and sand pass through air vents
Keep watch for the croc craze coming soon to the Paperthreads store!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Back pack

Back to school shopping~

Well it was a task but it's nearly done... back to school shopping! I spent over $150.00 on school supplies alone! Everyone got a new back pack, pens, pencils, folders, notebooks, and the list went on! Not to mention new clothes for everyone!

Today I'm giving away the back pack file. It's a perfect little embellishment for your pages!

You could do a page all about the shopping or the first day of school.

How about creating a layout of trying to fit all those supplies into one bag? Maybe you could scatter all the supplies that won't fit on a table next to the bulging back bag and get some great pictures!!!!

I would love to see what you have come up with and if you are the first to share your layout with me.... I'll let you choose anyone of my back to school files for free!!!

When submitting place "back pack" in the subject line.... and then I show case your layout on my blog!! If you are having trouble merging or stitching the scanned layout send it to me anyway... I can do it for you!

Don't forget today is the day to submit for the Creative Team call... I look forward to sharing my work with you and seeing what you can do with it!!!!

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good morning fellow scrappers, I’m back!

Our family vacation/retreat was beautiful and once again it was hard for us to leave Catholic familyland, there is so much love and charity being shared that it’s unbelievable!!!! It's a little taste of heaven!!!!

While there, I picked up two Encyclical letters from our new POPE Benedict XVI, “GOD IS LOVE” and “SACRAMENT OF CHARITY”, and began reading GOD IS LOVE. It’s already an amazing document!!! I’ve only had the chance to read through part I since I like to read to absorb all of it's richness that is written, it takes me longer to go through. And I'll probably have to read it several times!!! But, it is rich in expressing God love that he has continued to reach out over and over again to reveal that he is the source of Love and wants to live with in us all!

Back to school-

This morning I walked my children down to the bus stop they were excited to begin their new year!! But, I cried after putting my little Julie on the bus it’s so hard to let go!!!!

And my pre-teens along with their friend who is dropped off here were acting so crazy jumping up and down and screeching every once in a while they had me laughing so hard I didn't have time to get upset... I just realized I didn't take any pictures.... shame on me!! Well my camera isn't charged... just so much that has gone on since we got back!!!

You can find the "Back to School" title in the Paperthreads store soon.

For today my free file will be my “Back to School” title which will soon be in the store.... The file includes the knk extension for the new owners of the KNK element.

Creative team call- don’t forget the deadline is tomorrow night! I know there are so many talented people out there so let’s see your stuff and we can build a great team!!!!

I’m off to design some more files….. and read more of that fabulous document!

Have a great day!


Monday, August 13, 2007