Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good morning fellow scrappers, I’m back!

Our family vacation/retreat was beautiful and once again it was hard for us to leave Catholic familyland, there is so much love and charity being shared that it’s unbelievable!!!! It's a little taste of heaven!!!!

While there, I picked up two Encyclical letters from our new POPE Benedict XVI, “GOD IS LOVE” and “SACRAMENT OF CHARITY”, and began reading GOD IS LOVE. It’s already an amazing document!!! I’ve only had the chance to read through part I since I like to read to absorb all of it's richness that is written, it takes me longer to go through. And I'll probably have to read it several times!!! But, it is rich in expressing God love that he has continued to reach out over and over again to reveal that he is the source of Love and wants to live with in us all!

Back to school-

This morning I walked my children down to the bus stop they were excited to begin their new year!! But, I cried after putting my little Julie on the bus it’s so hard to let go!!!!

And my pre-teens along with their friend who is dropped off here were acting so crazy jumping up and down and screeching every once in a while they had me laughing so hard I didn't have time to get upset... I just realized I didn't take any pictures.... shame on me!! Well my camera isn't charged... just so much that has gone on since we got back!!!

You can find the "Back to School" title in the Paperthreads store soon.

For today my free file will be my “Back to School” title which will soon be in the store.... The file includes the knk extension for the new owners of the KNK element.

Creative team call- don’t forget the deadline is tomorrow night! I know there are so many talented people out there so let’s see your stuff and we can build a great team!!!!

I’m off to design some more files….. and read more of that fabulous document!

Have a great day!