Friday, November 02, 2007

Finally it's here! Thanksgiving mini album

Click on AD to super size!

Here it is finally... I feel such a relief! You are going to love this! Their are ten pages in this adorable album and that's not counting the cover. The binding is unique since the cover and the back will fold over one another giving your album more support.

Each page comes with it's own colorful instructions that's twenty-one pages and instructions for binding. Their are thirteen titles and I think 29 embellishments all themed for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Remember important moments of Thanksgiving by recording all the activity in your little mini album. Theirs two pages for recipes, one for recording and one for pictures of your favorite dishes.

Keep track of your shopping because Thanksgiving dinner is priceless! Theirs a place to stuff receipts and take pictures of your groceries. Let your grandchildren have special memories of all your work! And if you are one of the lucky ones out there that doesn't have to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, then create this as a gift for the cook! Wouldn't she be surprised!

Their is much to give thanks for! Isn't that what the day is all about, Giving thanks. Well their is two pages for photos of your special moments of "thanksgiving". Either it's a life that was saved, a baby that was born or the whole family that you are thankful for. Record the special events of the year in the mini tag book tucked under one of the photo mats.

And we can't forget the turkey! Their are two pages for photos or you could use the smaller mat for journaling, but don't forget the turkey!

Oh, yes and if the dinner wasn't enough, how about those pies! A page devoted to all of your special homemade pies! Lastly...this one I just had to make and I just can't wait to place the picture of all my family members stuffed after such a big meal. So a page devoted just for the stuffed turkey's in your home.

I planned this so it is easy for you! I only purchased five yards of ribbon and eight specialty papers. Hopefully, your craft room is stocked with the rest of the papers all fall colors! You will need a few flowers, I purchased mine and had them in my stash so any will do! A few brads, some glitter glue, magic tape, pop dots, walnut ink and the the rest I'm providing. You won't have to measure a thing! Because it is all ready to cut out!

In the class you will get some tips on applying ink and using mask. Use glitter to add sparkle and what to pop and what not to. You will have a master piece after you are done!

My thought are that this can be made in just a couple of days with all of your interruptions! Since the files will have all the embellishments color coded and ready to cut. Along with a illustration to refer to the page that you will place the embellishment on! Wow, what service!

I hope I've covered all the information you need, if not just email me! Tell your friends so they can sign up and they can sign up to make a show piece album for Thanksgiving!

To purchase the class click on the link here "Thanksgiving mini album" you will be taken to the store.

Classes will open November 9 - December 2nd, so hurry before time runs out!


Family Fun Night Bingo

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Are you thinking TURKEY?

I don't know what it is but I'm finding that I am getting so excited about the upcoming Holidays. I can't wait to shop for our Thanksgiving dinner. Nor the day all of us girls make homemade pies, it's such a special tradition that we started a few years back. We all gather around the table listening to the sounds of the season. Katie, Jennifer and Kristen begin cutting apples. While Julie and I make a mess creating the dough...and yes we roll out our own dough!

We then begin piling all the apples inside the dough our pie ends up standing five inches tall! And then while it's cooking we start our pumpkin pie and other desserts that we will share when we met at my sisters on Thanksgiving night for desserts. Oh my mouth is watering now.

I hope that you have some special traditions that you have planned for the Holidays. I would love to hear them.

I have a file for those who have joined my group so log on today to receive your file, it's one I just released in the store "Turkey Time". I hope you like it and if you use it and submit a picture you while receive a special coupon to chose one of my files from the store. It doesn't have to be a layout you could make a card and embellish it with the roasting turkey. Or how about a recipe card so many awesome things can be made with my files.

note ****The layouts shown on the right were submitted by some customers and my Creative Design team. I hope you will take a moment to look at their awesome layouts! I love each one of them! And would like to hear what you think about them. Do you have one that stands out the most to you...let me know!

If you haven't signed up for my yahoo group yet just click on the yahoo button on the right so you can receive updates and have access to free files.

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Here's a picture of the file that I'm giving away today!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So where have I been these last couple of days? fighting this virus which I just got back from the doctor and was ordered to bed, I have Pneumonia, I kind of expected it since Julie had it and three other students at her school.

Quickly I will fill you in... the Thanksgiving album is more than half way finished so I will post pictures as soon as I can finish..... I've got to say it's awesome! I know you will love it!

Free files- I'm sorry I know I missed the one on Lorelei's birthday that's when I began feeling crummy, I'll get one to you tomorrow through the group, so sign in some time late tomorrow morning.

Hope you all have a wonderful time this evening trick or treating with your children or just answering the door, it's one of my favorite nights. But I'm going to rest so I don't have to go in for treatments....


Busy Day

I'm feeling the pressure! Getting all the files in order for my "Thanksgiving 2007" class, I think it's going to take longer to pull it all together than I thought. But it will be so worth it for my students, sometimes I just come up with these ideas like color coding the files...what was I thinking!!!!! Well I was thinking how I wanted this to be an album you can just throw pain...your gain.

I can't tell you how excited I was when I received notice that my first student has signed up for this class... that just makes me smile, just knowing that you guys like my stuff. I feel so blessed!

Last year I was running up and down the highways delivering scrapbook kits to four different stores, it was fun for a while but I worried to about all that driving and if I forgot something that meant another trip home and then back to the store. Two of the stores were 45 minutes was a car accident that made me reflect to quit placing my stuff in the I am so thankful for that horrible night when our family was in a car accident! Sometimes we have no idea what wonderful things await us after a tragedy.

Well just letting you know what I've been up to here in my studio...busy, busy, busy! Which is a good thing! Have a great day!