Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An attempt to contact

My browsers over the weekend has been hijacked??? Have you ever had such a thing happen? I'm a bit frustrated with those who spend their precious time that we have on this earth, creating havoc for others! My advice to them have more children! Then they wouldn't have so much time on their hands!! Well I can say that since I have experience in knowing the truth of that statement!!!!

I'm trying to see if using my Windows Live Writer will post to my blog, hopefully so. As I am typing I am getting ads that open automatically.

Just to let you know, since a customer contacted me . I do plan on getting back to my designs and incorporating the suggestions from the survey as soon as I get over my computer problems.

I was sick for over two weeks. Then the older girls and I had a prior commitment to volunteer at Catholic Familyland over the weekend. Also, we are working to have our granddaughter placed on our care. So there has been much going on and now my greatest challenge to get rid of the problem of my browsers.

Once I'm back in business I think you will all be thrilled with some of my newest creations that I was able to pull together in the midst of everything going on.

Talk with you real soon!