Friday, September 05, 2008

Hot off the cutter...

You asked for it!  And now you get a sneak peek of of the files that I finished this week .

Inspired by a billboard as I was driving down the highway I loved the look of the football player breaking through the board.  I decided to give it a try myself. 


After making this guy and test cutting with tweaks I began to play, which I have to say is the funniest part of what I do. 


The images in the store packaging was made by cutting out white paper and inking with a blue and brown ink.  The picture to the right is from laying the die-cut on a white piece of paper. While I was inking I was also masking.   I just love these two techniques!

CS00319    CS00320


The next two images where created from the first white die-cut.  Once cut, I placed it on a royal blue background.  Then I masked it on another blue card stock.   The results are striking!   It's amazing how colors, ink and the use of two different techniques you can get such a range in looks. 

I hope you will try these two techniques more often on your pages.  It doubles the use of your purchase which is a good thing.  Use the mask to create background papers by using a lighter pressure as you ink.

This file was totally inspired by the project I am working on.  Which is a gift I am making for my foster parents anniversary.   They took three trips with Wandering Wheels, one along Lake Erie, another Lake Heron and the last trip from Cocoa Beach to the Key

CS00294West.  Along the way they took hundreds of pictures.  Mom purchased three large frames to hang on her wall.  When she asked if I could help I offered to do it as a gift for their anniversary. 

So far I've created the bike and want to cut it to use as a stamp for the background.  I cropped all the pictures from one trip and have an idea of how I will lay them out.  This weekend I'm on a search for some paper to fill the frame.  I think I will have to go to a specialty art shop for that!  I'm hoping to get you some pictures soon so you can follow along.

Have a great weekend!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!



Doreen said...


I LOVE the football player. He is great. However, Ethan would rather #88 on the jersey. LOL!


Carrie Schwartz said...

Gosh what was I thinking? I should have put Ethan's number on there!

Scott even asked "What's the 25 for?" Well it's the day I was born now I feel like a fool! Next time I will have to remember to use Ethan's favorite number when designing football die-cuts!