Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents Day Celebration!

Surprise!!! Thanks for stopping in for my Presidents Day Celebration! Your just going to love some of the new exciting super and mega packs that I have put together for just released this weekend my Birthday Celebration Mega Pack. This is full of all the files that I have created to help you create some great pages, send out cards or make a banner with.

And speaking of banners have you seen them? Think big, think little these banners can be used on a 12 X 12 layout, 6 X 6 layout or enlarge them and string with ribbon to stretch across a wall..
my little Julie, who is only seven enjoyed making these banners with my PlAyFul Banners:Frills file and my PlAyFuL LeTtErs. After making her banner she hung them over her bed and loves to share her creation. I think she did a fantastic job! You can see and win the PlAYfUl LeTtErs at the end of my post.

Julie's not the only one who was playing with my die-cuts. Kristen wanted to make her girlfriend at school a locker posters for her birthday. I have to say she was so proud when she got home on Thursday, she said everyone commented on her work. I think she did a great job and started a whole new idea for mom when your child comes to you needing a know what to do!

When Katie saw what we were up to she had to join in and she created this beautiful layout which she bought a frame for and gave to her sweetheart on Valentines day.

and this card....

She was so cute going through my titles asking "Are you sure I can use these?"

Flourish II

One of my free files to give away today!

Coming out very soon....two other packs for you to save big!

School Days Value Pack

Handyman Tools Pack

Another freebie for you!

Sign my blog with your name and the format that you are using to win these fabulous PlAYfuL LeTtErS!


The winner will be announced Tuesday check back to see if you won!
And if you are the winner send me an email so I can get you your prize.

Now a special file for my group members.....

Tool Time Clippies

Thank you for stopping in and check back next week for more sale announcements and new files coming your way!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


I've have several emails on HOW TO LEAVE A COMMENT....

here is what you need to do.
At the end of my last post under my name it says;
CLICK "COMMENTS" a new window opens on the right you will see Leave your comment type what ever you would like. Choose an option for identity then publish your comment.
If you have any more questions feel free to ask!
Have a great day!


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

I love your PlAYfuL LeTtErS....I hope I win....would be great for my Cards for the Troops project.

Suzanne said...

Hi Carrie came to join the fun. The layouts are great. Those letters are great. Thanks for the free files. I use GSD format Thanks again Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictue frame, your daughter made. I have the valentines pack and I need to get busy cutting. Thanks for all the great freebies, I am off to the store to buy some files. Nina

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I love to check in daily to see what you've been up to. Love the new files.
I use GSD files here for my Robo.
Have a great day
Margaret (in Aus)

Anonymous said...

wow what great files. thanks for the free ones. I cant wait to use them. thanks again and have a great day.

J said...

Thanks for all the files! They are super! I can't wait to use them on my scrapbook pages! I use GSD format on my craftrobo.
J in Florida

sussann said...

Happy Presidents' Day! Thank you so much for the wonderful sale.

ps...if i'm lucky enough to win, I use GSD files. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
You are always thinking of something fun! Thank you for sharing your files - I still use the gsd format.

Anonymous said...

That was my comment the line before. I hit publish before I autographed it! I'm such a nerd....or whatever the current term is for nerd.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

Thanks for the free files! Love the playful letters. I'm a KNK user.


love4kids99 said...

Carrie, thanks for the goodies...and the sale...once again, I couldn't resist making a purchase!! The playful letters file looks like tons of fun...whomever test cut it for you did a great job!! :-) Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie. Cute stuff. I use GSD with my Wishblade. I found your site through Chris Durnan - boy ya'll got some talent!
Jan (

Anonymous said...

I love your files! I can't wait to use them! Really cute stuff!!!
Amanda Butt

Anonymous said...

You have suche clever files. Thanks so much for sharing your creative talents with us.

Renae (GSD)

Shelly said...

How sweet of you to celebrate President's day with us! I love the free files and have the perfect photos to go with the mushrooms. The playful letters are great. I prefer KNK. Thanks for a fun contest!

Shari said...

Hi Carrie, Love your files and own alot of them. Thanks for the freebies! Also, thanks for making the Mega Packs. I love buying those. I use the GSD format for my pink wishblade. Keep up the terrific work, can't wait to see what you do next. Shari

Cara said...

Thanks for the great files
Great letters ur giving away
GSD for me

Cindy Kitner said...

Thanks for the free files; the PlAYfuL LeTtErS file looks like fun!


Anonymous said...

Opps I forgot, GSD for me!
Amanda Butt

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your files! Thanks for the freebies! I am a fellow Missourian!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great day.


Anonymous said...

I love all your KNK designs keep up the good work, they are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your fun files and sharing your talent. The cute ideas you shared give me inspiration! Thanks!


Georgia said...

Hi Carrie,
I enjoy your blog. I check it every day for your files and sweet stories. Thank you so much for sharing. I have the Element and use the KNK files.


Lisa Lindsmith said...

Hi , Carrie, thanks for the directions on how to sign the blog so I can tell you how much I like your KNK files.

Anonymous said...

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