Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wow....you guys are great! Thank you for joining me in my sale...and signing my blog...I'm going to allow some time for more entries so if you didn't get a chance yesterday I'll keep that going till this evening around 5:00. That way Julie, my 7 year old, will be home, hopefully all of her home work completed and we can draw a name. Are you the lucky winner????

Yesterday was a fun day for us. We needed to get out! I think cabin fever is setting in. Since my sister had the day off, we met with our girls, had lunch and went looking for some bargains. Kay's been working so hard so it was the perfect time to catch up. But did we get to catch up during our lunch...Noooooo.... We had four preteen age girls mocking everything we did. It all started with the Happy Meals Spiderwick gadget which I purchased for Lorelei, Julie & Jesse. As they passed around the little spy glass, Kay & I couldn't see the little shapes that were suppose to be coming off of one of the characters. I mean they stuck with this over fifteen minutes laughing at us. Well, finally someone checked the glass we were looking through and said "this ones not working".

Finally after everyone finished lunch, we thought we would let the little ones play in playland. We could talk and let the older girls visit. Did that happen? NOOOOOOO! It was such a simple plan but the girls insisted on climbing the tubes! Here they stoodright in the middle of the equipment making every type of excuse to get up those tubes. I was worried about them getting stuck and what the other parents would think. Here we are trying to sit, enjoy our time and having to argue with these girls. I tell them it's against the rules...so, one of the girls goes off and asked the manger what does she say....they can climb it. So now the battle continues as they have the official go ahead. While this is going on, they are standing in front of a slide. This little one year old comes down the slide and her mother is trying to get to her. I'm likegirls get out of there! For the next thirty minutes we get looks and comments from the girls....so Kay decides to treat them to some ice cream. At this time I just needed some coffee!!! We left playland to order their surprise. As we are standing in line waiting for them to hand us the ice creams we turn around. What do we see??? Four over sized pre-teen girls up in the tubes. I couldn't believe my eyes.....they were out of control! Needless to say they got there ice cream and left us alone.....

Well, then I see Jesse being surrounded by these three little boys. They are being totally silly running around screaming in each others faces. It was kinda of funny....till Jesse had enough. He gave one of the boys a push, then a side kick...like a little karate move (that he learned from his brothers!). The little boy was fine, like nothing happened but I couldn't stand for that behavior. So I pull him aside to let him know this is not how we handle things....I look over at Kay she's laughing....I give her that look like "What?????" she says "at least he'll be able to defend himself in school." Oh...I don't even want to think about it!

What a difference it is having my first three children! Life was so much easier. They were always a pleasure to take out...well, until we home schooled. But that' another story! You would think that Kay and I had enough! Oh, nooooo....we take them all shopping! I should have known better than to take two preteen girls, two seven year old girls and Jesse into any store! I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

The first thirty minutes wasn't too bad. I took the little ones looking for shoes. Kay went off into the coats section and the "older" girls off to look at jeans. After we met up again, I asked the older girls to watch the younger ones so I could look through the home decor with Kay. And we handed out cell phones. So as we are enjoying a little talk, a little bit of sharing...finally hidden at one end of the store. My cell rings....Mom....Jesse, Julie and Lorelei are running away from us...I'm like where are you....over by the toys....you mean all the way on the other side of the store! Well, that was it about five minutes of catching up for us! And guess what?! When I get there, they are all together like nothing happened. So I realize what's going on here...our girls have hit the age.... Where it's fun to upset mom. It's fun to make fun of her. It's fun to see her going nuts and the four of them are just feeding each other with delight!

Ok....you girls give us fifteen more minutes...let us do some SHOPPING and we will take the little ones. If anyone MESSES UP, I'm not buying you anything. It worked! OK...so not it is check out time. Jennifer presented me her idea of a bathing suit for this year. Ummm...I'm not even thinking of bathing suits! It's 30 degrees outside!!! And WHY would she even think that I would buy such a suit?!!!! Let me just tell youJennifer is a bright girl, exceptionally bright however, it's either her way or the highway!!! So, here we are waiting in a long line, going back and forth with the same argument over a bathing suit! I finally just handed the itty-bitty thing over to my niece and said get rid of it! Kay once again is standing their giving me a look...."I've got the same argument but we don't start till the weather warms up." My look back at her......rolling eyes with a big snicker!

Well that was it our time had run out. We shared big hugs said our good byes...and took off for our homes. I guess lessoned learned, at least for me. When Kay and I want to catch up, we need to stick to the phone....or, better yet, sneak out to lunch ALONE!

You know what the funny thing is...this morning as I'm driving the girls to the bus stop listening to my morning show, which is sharing news on a new study..... St. Louis is #3 on the list of most stressful place to live...HMMMMM I wonder why?


Suzanne said...

Carrie you are a brave woman. I dont have any children but when I was younger I did have alot of nieces 7 in fact so they were my kids. I use to be to have them all here at one time. But not now I am older. LOL and they have all grown up and have either boyfriends or husbands. They are just no fun. Suzanne

Georgia said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am so excited to win your file. I love it. Give those sweeties a big hug for me.