Friday, March 21, 2008

Paperthreads Forums 2nd Year Birthday Celebration

It's Paperthreads Forums 2nd Birthday!

Wow just two years ago Michelle started the forum. Isn't that amazing! Where would we be with out the forum? I know for me it became a regular place for me to go. I remember how excited I was when I welded my first file! Oh, yes it was a whole new concept that I struggled with but by following the tutorial I soon had my very first title. Then moving on to the next tutorial it wasn't long before I knew how to weld clipart to the title. My excitment grew as I continued to learn more.

When I came across
Susibi tutorial "Drawing Images Using Basic Shapes In Inkscape I found that it really set me free and began designing by using shapes instead of clip art. I just love this place and so happy to be apart of a wonderful growing community.

But the best part of all is the friendships I have made and yet to make!

You can enjoy 21 % off most of the files in Celebration of the forums Birthday.

Shelly continues to create and share some very unique and inspiring things! Look at the
credit card holder that she created. I just love how she took just one flower and placed it on th folded paper inking the edges. Notice the technique of folded strips of paper below the ribbon? I just love it!
Credit Card Holder


Shelly used several of my files from the Baby Accessories which she enlarged the die-cuts, All about the Arrow, Playful tags and my Playful Banners: Frills. She did an excellent job using a variety of files and I love her choice in papers, color and pictures. Thank you Shelly for another great layout!

Are you having trouble spotting some of my new Creative Design Team members? Let me ask you did you look in the gallery?

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!



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