Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have you spotted any of my new CDT members?

Just wondering if anyone has spotted any of my new Creative Design Team members?
Remember you will get your choice of a free file just for spotting one. You can leave your answer on my blog in the comment area.

Children's ATC challenge: We had a wonderful time with the first official Children's challenge!

Julie, Jesse & Lorelei went through many pictures to look for one to fit their theme. I think they did an excellent job and all I had to do was cut the file that they wanted. You can go to the forum and vote for the best category for each ATC card that was submitted in the gallery the categories are:

Best Embellishment

Here is the link to vote

Julie loved my Princess Carriage file and she is our little Princess. I love the way she cut out here picture and placed it in the carriage.
Lorelei enjoyed this picture of easter hunting and going through several of my files pulling a different die-cut to complete.
Jesse really wanted to use my joyful bunny on his card... I like the way he colored everything!


Shelly is sharing so much of her wonderful ideas and work with me I just had to share...

Here is a great idea for a last minute Easter card. Shelly used the egg from my Easter: Joyful Bunny, Egg w/ Joy Title (CS00192) and she used my Playful Banners: Frills ( CS00167) for the inside of the card to hold the gift card. How clever!

Organizing? It seems like we can never have enough ideas to organize our scraprooms. Shelly used my RIBBON STORAGE CARDS (CS00088). She cut four ribbon cards and glued them together. She wrapped her many spools of ribbon on several cards and saved so much room!
Look at the great idea she is using to put these cards of ribbon it.

so kewl!
Have you seen this cool dude? Using my sunglasses from Beach: sun glasses and flip flops (CS00183)...Just love this little guy he is so cool looking in his shades.

OK so who can spot my new designers?


Lisa said...

I see Shelly's layouts.....all ove the place! lol
She does a nice job too, I must say.
Still looking...


Anonymous said...

yeah the ones I see are by Shelly so that would be my guess too.

molly b in virginia

Carrie Schwartz said...

Are you looking in the PAPERTHREADS gallery?

Lisa said...

I've looked everywhere, even in my closet!LOL


Lisa said...

I see a few of Nikki's, would she be 1?


Lisa said...

Shelly, Susie, Nikki & Jen......No more. lol
But it's fun searching :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't Tina Mansfield one of them?
She is great. Love that gal and all her ideas.

Debi Pippin