Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fabulous LO's...What a weekend...New CDT members

Post-Part um Depression

How precious is this! Shelly presented me with this layout almost quicker than I finished my Princess line...I think it is wonderful she journaled about an emotional time dealing with her post-par tum depression...I think most of us have gone through it...but she wraps up her journaling with one of the most powerful tools we have...I'm not going to blow the story you just have to read it...but beware it will bring tears to your go get your Kleenex.


Let's go Sledding a fun layout created by Rosalie

I just love this layout! Rosalie told me that she wanted to do a layout with my sled, which I am always happy to give her anything she ask for knowing that she can produce such awesome LO's. Then I offered to create some titles for her and well her they are and the layout turned out amazing.

Rosalie has great pictures of her children enjoying... speeding down the hill in their sleds! She used several of my die-cuts. Like the snowflakes and snowflake clippies and she used the wooden slates of the sled to record the date and journal how fun that day was. What a GREAT IDEA to write on the sled!

Friday Evening

Friday...we'll it was a surprise to me! I sent out a list to my CDT members with ideas on looking for newbies to join my team...they started throwing blogs to me of very creative talented scrappers. Before I knew it we signed on three new members and I have to say they do FaNtAsTiC work! But I'm not going to spoil the fun for you...I'm going to play a little game... the first one to spot a layout from one of my newest CDT members will get their choice in any non mega file in the store that I have created. That will include any of my new files coming out, you won't have to choose right away.

Saturday Evening

How did I spend my Saturday evening? Well I told you... as soon as Julie found out about the Children's ATC Challenge she had to get planning. Oh yes she has her theme and of course Jesse and Lorelei have chosen their's too!

We spend Saturday evening going through hundreds of pictures. You know how it is... you have to find the perfect one to match the theme. They did really good, Julie was able to find a picture that went with her theme. Lorelei wanted to use some of my new Wedding die-cuts, she says that she is crazy over them! But we couldn't find a picture so we changed her theme. It didn't take to long to know what Jesse was going to do, he switched his idea from a cowboy theme to... well you will have to see! It will be posted by the deadline...March 18th.

You can all be thinking about me tomorrow since I promised we will start on the projects. OOPS they will start on their projects (this is for children, I must learn to step aside!) I don't know how I'm going to survive...three of them! And I'm thinking once Kristen finds out she'll be jumping in too. Kristen was busy with her friends this weekend so she has no idea...but I'm beating she will get involved. As I'm thinking here I might just let her do all of the supervising...then I can sit back and enjoy watching...hmm that might work.


The morning flew bye...we had Mass then a birthday party for my great niece who turned three! Thank goodness we bought her gift yesterday a soft velvet vanilla colored princess jogging suit but we forgot to get a card. So not having any time to go to another store Julie, Lorelei and I sat down and put together the perfect card for her.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to scan it... so I will tell you what we did... I took the word "Princess" from the front of the Princess album and cut that in mustard yellow then placed it on a folded 8.50 X 11 pink card stock. Then we added my princess wand and tiara to the front of the card and stamped "lil'" in the middle of the wand.

Julie said that Isabella loves to look at mirrors so we placed the mirror-mirror on the inside of the card. I had a stamp for the "Happy Birthday" and we drew a big three in between then signed all of our names in white.

I tried to mock the card in photoshop...just the colors aren't the same.

Let me tell you that little card was passed around to everyone!

And Who loved it most Isabella! Her mother told me that she just loves mirrors... so Julie was right! That little card was the hit of the party and just to think we put it together with in a few minutes...whew! Thank goodness for our cutters!

Have a great day...I've got more stuff to share with you tomorrow...see you then!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!