Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Quest for spotting new CDT's

Am I driving you NUTS? Are you on an endless quest for my newest Creative Design Team? I didn't mean for it to be so difficult but it's turning into something fun for me...he he he. I'm such a stinker. The emails and guesses are coming in some are right.

This reminds me of our Easter egg hunt, we had 74 eggs that were placed out in the yard. The children ran around looking all over laughing and giggling as they picked up the "apparent" eggs. And when they came up back with 68 eggs all of us adults had to chuckle as we sent them out to continue the hunt. Each egg had different prizes too! Just like looking for the "new" CDT's, we had a dollar in one egg coins in many others and of course some candy.

That's how this little quest is coming along... some of the guesses where like finding eye "candy" with the talented work that others have shared. And some of you found some coins. And then their is the big "Prize", like the dollar for the children.

So far I have one "new" CDT found and some good guesses!

Here are some of the guesses for my newest CDT's:

Shelly, she is very apparent like the "eye" candy in her creative work and I suppose she wasn't officially announced so some of you thought that I was talking about her but she has been around a little more than a week. I will still give you a free file for guessing. I just love Shelly's work she is so incredibly talented and always surprising me with new ideas!

Now as for Nikki, she never was on my CDT. From time to time she would send me a surprise in my email saying this is what I made with one or two of your files.

Jen...nope not Jen, but I love it when she shares her talent with all of us!

And it's not Susie... she also likes to show what she has created with one of my designs.

So who has found one of the designers....Ready the email that I received below...

Isn't Tina Mansfield one of them?
She is great. Love that gal and all her ideas.


Yeah Debi! You got it girl! That's right one of my newest CDT's is Tina Mansfield and you get to choose a PRIZE! Any file from any one of my creative designs except a mega file you get to receive!

That means that their are two new CDT's out there to be spotted...Will you find them?

HaPpY HuNtInG!



Cheri said...

Hm...where could they be?? And I wonder where on earth a hint could be found...

Carrie Schwartz said...

hmm...I wonder if they will ever find them?