Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Create some thing Amusing!

Introducing my newest designs!

Amusement Park

& Wedding

This weekend take advantage with my Spring Sale!

Everyone of my files will be 40% Off!...Yep that's right!

All day Saturday & Sunday you will have not just one day but two to get the die-cuts your just die-ing to get your hands on.

With this sale the possibilities of creating some inspiring pages are endless!

Still haven't spotted my CDT's? Are you looking in the gallery?

Let me give you a couple of hints...

it's yellow and goes cheap-cheap

the other one is...

out of this world!

Now come on someone has to have spotted one of these LO's...

hurry and post your answer for a free file...

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!


Anonymous said...

Is it Cheri?

bernzee said...

Are your 2 designers: Cheri (layout with the chicks)and RMEYFE (layout reach for the stars)?