Sunday, July 22, 2007


I hope that you had the chance to download the free YEEHAW file, it is now back in the store....

I can't help my self.... I wanted to share another file with you!

Last night we decided since the weather was absolutely perfect, that we would take the children to the park. As we turned in we heard music and cars were parked everywhere!!!

We found a place to park in front of the playground.... eventually we moved towards the music.

They were playing country, rock and good old oldies.... Julie and I ended up dancing! I love, love to dance!!!!

We had a blast! Our last dance the electric slide... but I can't believe I forgot our camera... we did catch a couple of pictures with our cell phone... I think I'm going to still create a page of the event using my

YEE HAW title! We sure did a lot of Yee Hawing!

The park has another planned event in late August, so I'm going to bring my camera!

Have a nice weekend!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Carrie. We have a park that has an Old West theme to it--buildings made to look like a saloon, an old bank etc. My kids love to play like they are cowboys when we go. Your file will be perfect for that page if I ever get a chance to get those pictures scrapped!