Thursday, July 26, 2007

I will always CHERISH the moments we share!

I’m working on a page using this little whimsical bench it reminds me so much of a special friendship, one that is lasting! Our old neighborhood and parish was so small that we knew everyone and everyone knew us. A particular couple Larry and Mary Alice, opened up their hearts to my family and others. It became tradition after trick or treating on Halloween to meet up with other families at their house. But when we moved it was hard to keep that tradition going.

In March I received a phone call that Larry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he was in his late stages. I was torn apart mainly because I aloud so much time to pass and wanted to visit, and I didn’t want to intrude with all my children. Then one Saturday in April my oldest daughter said she was taking the kids for the day. I decided this was the time to go.

On my way I thought about what I wanted to say..... Mainly.... THANK YOU… for your love! THANK YOU for your example but I was worried about being my sadness, I didn’t want to bring that there, I was going through so many emotions!

The visit was way more than I ever expected!!! We laughed, we made jokes., They were so comfortable about everything that was happening to them. I had the chance to thank them as a couple for all they had done.

As we were talking about his death I mentioned to Larry... When you get to heaven please intercede for me and my family…you will see all that I go through and know why I’m asking! WE laughed, they know some of my challenges but not all! He then said “Oh, Carrie just give it up now and come up to the pearly gates with me!” I said “I would love to but I’m far from ready!!!!”

When I left I felt that I was flying.....Like on eagle’s wings whole perspective of death was changed. Once again they taught me some much about life! I felt joy in the face of death?

And it brought me comfort knowing Larry was totally prepared to meet our Lord, he served and served well...... in LOVE and compassion...... he learned to open his heart and shared with the lonely ones around him!

In late June I got the phone call that he passed with much suffering! It was difficult to hear that when he had a drink of water he would choke for hours. It was so hard on his wife, but so beautiful to hear their love for each other, he would give Mary Alice comments like. “You take good care of me!” all while he could hardly speak. The moment that really got to me and made me break down was when I heard he offered ALL of his sufferings for poor souls. I know so many souls were saved!

Then, That evening when my husband came home from work, he handed me something that he had found… THAT DAY! A small silver Rosary ring. I stood there in AWE knowing this was from Larry. Then I looked to heaven and smiled…he now knows and is working on our behalf…

When I look at my little whimsical bench I will always cherish the moments we shared!


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If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
-Mother Teresa


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Larry--it seems like the good ones always leave this earth before the rest of us are ready to let them go.

I recently had a friend pass away due to melenoma (sp?). He went within two weeks of being diagnosed. I was also amazed by how calm and at peace he and his family were--I think you receive special blessings when your are handed a trial such as theirs!