Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thanks to everyone....

Wow I didn't expect so many wishes for Julie's birthday!

Thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful wishes! And she does feel that it is great to be EIGHT We have celebrated all week long with a visit to the magic house and then today at Six Flags. It was a special day today Lorelei , Julie & Jesse danced with Bugs Bunny. I caught the end of it on my cell phone if I could just figure out how to get it on my computer I will...

...tomorrow afternoon we will have the drawing!

So come back some time tomorrow to see who won!

I've worked through about half of my files converting to WPC format for all the new Pazzle machine owners. Once they are in the store I will announce it from my blog with a list of the files that are ready for purchase in the wpc format. I know many of you have been patiently waiting!

Ok off to convert some more...

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!