Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Julies 8th birthday.....

I asked Julie what she wanted to do today...

one request was to host a drawing from my blog...

the kids just love to do this!

So for those who sign my blog with your name, email address and a message for Julie... WE will draw one name from the list... to win one of my newest creations... Blooming Garden Flowers...I just love this file which is so easy to cut!

Don't forget your name, email and the message...have a great day!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!



Anonymous said...

Hi, Julie. Hope you have a great eighth birthday! Have lots of fun and eat lots of cake. Jan (knappjan@bellsouth.net)

Anonymous said...

Wow Julie...turning 8! How fun is that! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and thanks for telling Mom to give away a free file! :)

Love the flowers!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Julie!!!! what kind of cake are you going to have? I bet you have a Great birthday...

diane aka grandmastoy

debenj said...

Wishing you the BEST BIRTHDAY ever Julie! Your birthday is almost on our son's. His is tomorrow but he'll be 31 OUCH!!! Are you doing anything special today in celebration?
Debbie (debenj@comcast.net)

ninamerle said...

Ain't it great that Julie. You are the big 8!!!!
Hope that you birthday, is not just swell but that its GREAT... Happy Birthday.

kswjeff said...

Happy Birthday Julie!! Wow! Eight years old. Cool!

Lisa said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you Julie!!!
May all you dreams come true.
Now go blow out those candles!!

Big hugs & TY for helping our our mom.
Lisa (dreamin)

DebbiB said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Julie!
Happy Birthday to you!

My little girl is 10 tomorrow - I hope you have as much fun on your birthday as I know she will have on hers!


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, Turning eight will be great! Hope you have a wonderful day.

sussann said...

Happy birthday Julie!!!

I bought this flower file during your sale, Carrie, and can't wait to use it. So don't include my name in the drawing, just send Julie my best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Julie.I am having a great day!!I hope you are to...Anddd happy birthday to 31 wow and 10 wow!!!!!!ok NOW I GOT to go.
Love Julie

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, Julie! I hope it's great!


Dana said...

Happy 8th Birthday Julie!

Anonymous said...

Happy 8th birthday! What a very special day! I hope you have a great day! I hope all your wishes come true!
witchdct2003 @ yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Julie. It's so cool that you love what your Mommy does so much that you want to include her creativity in your birthday celebrations! Have a great day! Shae

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Julie! My b-day is on Thursday (26th) I'll be....34!
Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy 8th Birthday Julie! My son will be 8 in October and he's super excited about it! Hope you had a wonderful day and got lots and lots of yummy cake!


Felicia said...

Julie have a great birthday and have fun in the sun.

Melinda said...


I hope you have a fabulous eigth birthday!!! Hope all your birthday wishes come true.


amaraob1@hotmail.com said...

Can you state that eight is great yet?! I certainly hope so!!!