Saturday, June 28, 2008

I took advantage and lost the time...

OK so I didn't get to the I bad!

No really Katie offered to take the little ones all day...she took them to the pool and to run errands so I took advantage and got my grocery shopping done and some house cleaning... I thought about doing the drawing my self but then I would have upset Julie, Jesse and Lorelei who are so looking forward to drawing a name.

Then tonight as they watched a movie I called many of our relatives and friends realizing that the fourth of July is next weekend and we are having our PARTY and you all know how that goes when you make a phone call...lots of chit-chat!

I promise tomorrow morning I will catch them first thing and they just might be in their PJ's for the pictures but we will get it done... I have already copied your names and email address so all I have to do is cut the paper and throw it into a bag...I just need to catch these little active people who seem to never run out of energy!

Well I'll see you in the morning!