Thursday, April 17, 2008


Ta-Da! I want to introduce you to a very talented group of ladies! I am so blessed to have each one! They work so hard at creating such awesome layouts/cards and projects that will give you inspiration. You can see most of their work in the gallery or on my blog! I hope you take time to get to know them! Thank you team for sharing your gift of talent with us all!

*news flash***I still have one more to introduce you to***she is just as special as the rest! Watch for her in the upcoming days.

I grew up in Iowa, I am the oldest of 5. I have a Masters degree in Exercise Science, but would rather scrapbook than exercise....giggle....giggle...

I fell in love and married a Canadian Hockey player. We lived in Winnipeg Manitoba for 7 years and froze our little behinds off. We are now back in Iowa where the weather is a little more moderate.

I am a mother to 3 children (who grace most of my pages). I am a Christian, Certified Athletic Trainer and I teach at the community college. I have been scrapping for about 8 years, have been really serious about it for the last 4. I have owned my Craft Robo for just over 1 year and could not scrap without it.

I have been scrapbooking for almost 10 years. I truly enjoy the craft! Before getting into scrapbooking I have dabbled in just about all aspects of crafting from crossstitch to decorative painting. I think that is why I love Scrapbooking so much since it involves many aspects of crafting...I can incorporate my love for painting, buttons you name it anything goes well on a scrapbook page.

Recently, I started designing cards too! It is great to have a handmade card to give to someone instead of spending all that money on store bought not so personalized cards! I am just starting to delve into digital scrapbooking too and hope to mix some digital elements into my traditional scrapbook pages.

I purchased my digital cutter as a impulse buy when I saw the infomercial on QVC around Sept 2007. This was a scary thing for me to spend so much money on a thing that simply cuts paper. However, I am so glad I made the purchase. It has enriched my life so much! I can't image living without it! I even have started designing my own files for sale at Cuttersmarket. I am loving all the people I am meeting through my cutter groups!

I have two adorable children an 11month old baby girl and a 4 year old boy. They keep me busy but life would be so boring without them! I love them and my hubby of almost 11 years more than words can express.

I live with DH Jeff and our two boys (Christopher
age 5 & Michael age 2) and our two beagles (Reuben and
Daisy) in Iowa. I've had my CraftRobo for 2 years and
love this excellent excuse to use it more!

I've scrapbooked since 1999 and have recently delved into
digital/hybrid a bit also. I'll never give any of it up; I just love to learn new things all the time:)

I work "partial part time" as a PA/physician assistant at my local Fast Track/ER and one evening per week at the Free Clinic.

I try to keep up with friends and family at my blog:

My name is Jennifer and I have been scrapping since 1996. It started out as a way to meet new people since I married my military hubby and moved thousands of miles away from my family and friends but it has really evolved into a passion for both creating great pages and collecting cool stuff.

My family is the main focus of my pages and includes my hubby,
two boys and lazy beagle dog. I tend to scrap chronologically and I am always way behind. Some of my favorite scrappy things are paper, clear buttons, sewing and did I mention paper.

Born in Vermont, Lived in New York until age of 9 moved to Florida and have lived here since. My mother and other relatives were creative and did a lot of crochet. I began scrapbooking in High School only I didn't realize that what I did was actually a hobby. LOL..

I am Happily Married to the most wonderful man in the world. Ladies, I don't think they make many like my wonderful hubby but I am sure you feel the same about yours... But I am spoiled rotten... I have three wonderful children all boys. Jake(18) Bret (18) No they aren't twins. Bret is my stepson but I love him like my own :) and Thomas (14).

I am a Computer Network/Software Technician for a School District so at times between work and family things can get a little busy and crazy.

I am so proud to have been one of the chosen ones to be on Carrie's Design Team. What a great opportunity and Carries files are great! Check em out!


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