Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mega Packs will be on sale tomorrow at 35% off and go through out the month!

I really messed up on my sales over the weekend when the Mega Packs ended on Saturday rather then on Sunday. So to make it up to you, the Mega Packs will go on sale tomorrow, April 16th and continue through out the entire month of April. AND I have increased the savings to 35% Off! WHOO HOO!

With my birthday coming up I will have some great sales on that day too! With every file other than the Mega files at 45 % off. The Mega files will continue to be on sale that day for 35% off.

I hope to have more Mega packs pulled together for you so you can enjoy even bigger savings! They will be announced as they come into the store.

Have you seen my little calendar on the right side? I love it! With my calendar there you can see what is on sale for the month! And see anything else that is going on. If you click on the print button you can print out and be ready for the sales. How cool! If you click on the day with a message you may be able to see what's going on, I've yet to figure out a way for all of the message to be seen. So the best way for you to know what's up with Carrie's Creations is to hit that print button! Can you tell how excited I am?

Update on converting files to .wpc - I have quite a few to do! As I am going through and pulling together the Mega files I'm getting in their and converting. Then I plan to go back through the other files. I will let you know when I start to get them in the store. This is great news for all Pazzles owners who no longer will have to open a file in AV8! AND just to let you know all of the files in the Beach Mega Pack have been converted to WPC! YEAH! :)

Update on Randy: He is not doing so well. Please continue to keep the family and Randy in your prayers. The doctor's believe he will be staying in the hospital for over a month now, having days that will set him back and very small steps towards recovery. They also believe he will need intensive rehabilitation. Thank you all for your continual prayer support!

Lastly for those who have contacted me from posting to my blog please use my email address above so I can get files to you. Please include the format that you need!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!