Monday, April 07, 2008

Let's just say some of you are cold and some are luke warm!

I really have a good excuse! The convention really wiped me out! I just wanted to come home and crash. But my little Lexi was here, that's my grand daughter, a little busy bee. Lexi is sixteen months old and into everything so we all took turns in playing with her.

Although, I have to say Scott is her very favorite. She just loves her Papa! By evening we had a yard full of kids from the neighborhood, since the weather was so nice. They were every where and hard to keep up with. So by the time we sent them home we just crashed!

Then my beautiful Sunday which was absolutely gorgeous outside with sunshine and warm spring weather I had to stay in and secure my computer. Lots of weird wacky stuff was going on with it. I was afraid that it would crash!

Once I spoke to my brother in law who gave me a check list of to do's I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. And I took advantage of a peaceful house since Scott took the kids fishing. They were home way before I finished the job. Sometimes these computers can be a big pain in the rear!

So have you cleaned up your computer? I'm talking about inside and out. Man does it collect dust! I had already lost one computer a few years ago from getting over heated and that was caused by dust so I do schedule to clean it every six months.

How about scanning for viruses, checking ports to make sure they are not being accessed? Or trojans, that' s the last scan I have to do today. Then theirs the cleaning the disk drives and defragmenter all of this takes so much time but I'm good to go! With a healthy check up!

OK so I have some things going on...

Guessing another CDT- Yep Rosalie is one of them so Lisa please email me from my blog with your choice in files. Shae- your right to guess tulip918- that's Rosalie and Tina is gadgetgrl, but others have already submitted their names. I'll still give you a file for trying though!

NOW...for my next files....not gardening! Sorry but contact me for a prize!

Ah...another hint maybe?

Bones...they have bones!

He-he-he this is way to fun!

Thanks ladies and keep trying someone will get it and I promise tomorrow I will give you another hint. Unless of course you guess at least the theme of the files...

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!



Anonymous said...

Carrie are they leaves. Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Hope I am allowed two posts. Second guess is Dinosaurs.suzanne

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Dinosaurs was a GREAT guess. I am going to guess horses....

Louise said...

What about fish?


bernzee said...

I'm guessing dogs

sussann said...
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sussann said...

how about cats? oh, or birds!