Tuesday, April 08, 2008


shhh...my house is so very quite...I'm like wondering if I'm in the right place?

I just got Julie and Jesse to bed. They were exhausted! They got lots of fresh air playing outside today. I'm so glad that spring is here and they can get out and explore!

After dinner we played Old Maid...can you believe it? OLD MAID! Julie and Jesse had never played. Now who do you think had the Old Maid first? Of course me! But as an adult I had an advantage, so I thought! It was a good plan that I just thought like them.

Here is what I did. I would just slide the Old Maid up and they would take it. It didn't take them long to figure that one out. So then I slid the card down and guess what? They were fouled again! But of course as they watched it didn't take long.

Soon Jesse had his own idea. He started taking the end card, which I thought was pretty smart. During the time the Old Maid was in someone else's hand, I took note of how he continued to feel safe by pulling that end card.

Finally, when I had the old maid and had her all set on the end, he grabbed the middle card. Now my theory was blown to pieces.

Julie had her own way of playing she just closed her eyes and pulled a card. Actually that was a good plan because I lost!

The biggest challenge in playing was to try and teach Jesse that he needs to keep quite when he draws a card. If he drew a "safe" card, up his arm would go then quickly he would pull his elbow into his side while making a fist and saying "YES"! On the other hand if he drew the old made he would sigh.

We had a great time playing Old Maid and tomorrow they want to learn crazy eights, now that should be interesting!


Are you wondering about the next line and who might have or may not have guessed the right answer? Well, one of you is red HOT! I am so surprised at how quick that went. But I'm going to be a stinker! I'll tell you who tomorrow night because I want to show you the line!

Well that's just plain mean you say? Ok...do you want me to be mean or make Mega files? I figured that with the house quite right now. I can turn my attention to pulling together one, two or maybe three Mega files. Unfortunately, I don't have time to do both. I really want to get in bed before midnight!

So tomorrow night I will give you the answer and I want to get to your emails! I see some of you have already contacted me so know that I will get to you then. Also, I will announce the consolation prize for all of you who at least tried!

Have a wOnDeRfUl night EveryONE!

See ya tomorrow...