Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Here they come...don't let them BITE YOU!

Well here are my new babies...

I think these guys are one of my favorites so far...what do you think? And what's missing...hmmm I think I forgot some sort of file to go with it...what might it be? Do you know what's missing?

Let me remind you there is still just one CDT to be spotted. Here are the CDT members you have guessed so far Rosalie, Tina, Cherie, Jen, Shelly. I'm really enjoying giving out the files.

My heart is heavy tonight after receiving a phone call. One of our friends, Randy is in the ICU ward, in critical condition. He was sent home yesterday from the hospital after six days recovering from a very serious surgery. He is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and in the fourth stage. The cancer had spread to his lymph nodes, liver and other organs. Most of his liver was removed along with other organs during surgery. He seemed to be doing very well recovering in the hospital.

BUT the insurance company had informed the doctors that they were through covering him and that if he were to stay the three more days they would not cover his expenses. Even though the doctors believed he was going home to soon. So Randy went home.

In the middle of the night he started having problems. He now has aspiration pneumonia and a very serious infection which is through out his entire body.

We met Randy through his daughter Jenny who is like my own daughter. I am very proud of Jenny as I've watched her grow from a young girl into a wonderful wife and mother. We started a tradition at our home on the fourth of July with a barbecue then we would all go to a park to watch the fire works.

I really met Randy as a teenager. We figured that out one evening. He was on staff at the skating rink that I use to go to as a teenager. It's kind of funny, I can remember that "guy" who use to help us learn to spin, as we held hands and would skate in a circle then set us on the floor as we would spin round and round. Yet, I still can't put it together in my mind that they are the same people?

Please pray for him, Jenny and the family as we wait and hope. May God's will be done.

Thank you,



Anonymous said...

First Carrie let me say sorry about your friend Randy and I will definitely pray for him.
Second it was a good guess I LOVE YOUR DINOSAURS. I want to look again to see if I can come up with something missing but I doubt it. You are all in my prayers Suzanne

Anonymous said...

I am also sorry to hear about your is so hard to see or hear of anyone going through something like this ... I will be thinking of you all.

Your dinosaurs are just GREAT! They are so cute! What a fantastic idea for a new set. The only thing I would suggest to add is a volcano. Every dino play set we have came with a volcano and every picture/puzzle/book we have has a volcano with the dinos too.

So, I am looking for the other CDT...and I didn't see where anyone had guessed Doreen...and it seems like an obvious to me that she would be one of your, is she?

Thank you for all the opportunities to win your files, Carrie. They are so cute!

Sending hugs,

Cheri said...

The dinosaurs are just the cutest! I agree with Jen on the list...they'd look way cool with the new Basic Grey papers.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I'll him him and his family (and friends of course) in my thoughts.

Carrie Schwartz said...