Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a surprise!

"OH my gosh"..... was what I said when I opened my email....Nikki surprised me with a layout she finished after receiving my "all about the arrow" file...I have to say it was a surprise and what a gift! I think it is so awesome and isn't Alex the cutest thing, I could just eat him up, those checks and his smile! I told her she needs to submit it to some sites... she might just win a prize! what do you think? HOPE YOUR LISTENING NIKKI!

Nikki thinks it's nice of me to share my files, well I'm just going to send her another one just for sharing.... your awesome NIKKI!

Also I want to thank everyone who sent me an email on my "sisters" post. It really touched me
to hear from so many of you. My sister and I were very blessed we had wonderful foster homes. We are still in contact with some of our foster parents their was three... and one very very special parents my last ones I still call mom and dad to this day. Not only did my own mother and father raise us with much love but our foster parents continued that love and great examples for us to fall back on!

If your reading this dad...hello and I love you and mom, XOXO!
I sent him a link a while ago and never know if he's reading my!

And another question was did I have other siblings YES i did... Pam and Kim but they were ten years older and had married... eventually we moved in with Pam, Kay first then me. Pam is amazing she took on that responsibility at the age of twenty-one. Here's a picture of all of us girls....which is so incredibly special to me that I found this in Kay's photos... because on the back it has our mother's hand writing saying " My precious four"..... just found that two years ago when I didn't even think I had anything in writing from her.
so it goes... Kim (the oldest), Pam (the brunette), Kay then me the youngest.

Now the Rascal Flats concert was incredible!!!! I'm a little horse today from screaming! It's been years since I've gone to a concert and I loved it every minute of it! The phone call from Kay and getting everything done to go I didn't have much time to look up who was with Rascal Flats was so surprised that Jason Aldean opened the concert, I just love the video Amerillo Sky. Oh my gosh I can't get over what a hunk he is... I haven't seen anything as gorgeous as him in a long time... I kept elbowing Kay saying isn't he something I mean I'm not thinking anything nasty but man is he hot...she's like "I'm not blind"...Carrie.

And Rascal Flats out did their "still feels good" tour....they were funny witty and put on a fantastic show! They told us they haven't seen so many red necks in one place but here in St. Louis! They had lights flashing on the stage floor steps going up towards the back with a bridge that extended horizontal across the back of the stage leading towards the upper balconies. Then another bridge extended out over the audience where they had a small stage for a little jam session. It was very up close and personal to say the least. We enjoyed so many familiar songs like: STAND, Take me there, What hurts the most, Life is a highway, Bless the broken road, Feels like today and of course Fast Cars and Freedom...