Saturday, October 20, 2007

a little embarrassed!

I just read what I posted last night at 2 am in the morning.... OK... now I'm learning do not post when you are half asleep, feeling sick and pushed to the limit!

Our dog's name it's fru-fru and I'm not going to post much of anything because I'm getting sick my self and going to bed! I got Julie to the doctor's and she has pneumonia, it's a mild case but her pediatrician instructed me to keep a very close eye on her. She believes by Monday the fever will go and she will start feeling better by Tuesday so it looks like I'm going to be tied up with carrying for her and myself over the next few days.

Sorry I didn't have any new files this week, but I've got to take care of my family needs first.

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Hope you and your daughter both start to feel better soon! Take care of yourself too! I know sometimes Mom takes care of everyone but HERSELF!!


Anonymous said...

Take care of both of you - when Mom gets sick, the place falls apart!!!

Carrie Schwartz said...

Thanks so much for caring... I did get plenty of rest at the beginning of this week and am still taking naps. It's a good thing that Julie and I were sick together. We could cuddle up and watch movies. Have a great week!