Saturday, October 20, 2007

Multitasking Mom

When people ask me what I do... I say I'm a multitasking mom!
Because that's what I am or that's who I've become! Actually this should be the definition for all mothers! {The ability of a person to perform more than one task at the same time.}
or it should read MOTHER {A person who performs more than one task at the same time.}

You know how it goes and this week their where way to many demands....from the moment I wake up to the wee hours in the night it just seems like someone needs something. So here's a little sneak peak of my day...if your interested?

I'm a bit frustrated for my devote readers.... I haven't had a moment of time to blog.... hardly any time to design or should I say tweak my files that are sitting their waiting to be published. I managed to get some cutting done but no converting.... My little Julie had been pretty sick and so I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow morning... It's been a strange sickness she gets a fever in the afternoon and it goes up at night then in the morning it's gone. Lots of coughing she hasn't been to school since Monday.

I'm working on some ideas for the next class, pretty excited about this one!!!! I think you will be too!

Free file.......I'm going to have to reach into a published file for a freebie since I haven't had a chance to convert...any suggestions?

Here's a picture of one of our dog's this is fru-fur when she was a pup ...she's completely spoiled!!!! I'll have to dig up a current picture. I realized I haven't introduced you to any of our animals this should be fun! Four dogs, a cat, a hamster and we are going to hatch some dinosaur
eggs (so Jesse thinks).

HaPpy ScRaPpInG!