Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Think outside the BOX! Growth Chart Classes

After speaking with Michelle I have decided to move to the forum for teaching this project and for teaching future classes you can access that information here by clicking on the link "classes" above. It will explain what I will be offering in the future.

[OK so the link takes you directly to sign up for the "SO BIG" class, please make sure you read the post above it explains how the classes and access to the classroom will work....latest post for today]

You can then sign up for my first on-demand class the "SO BIG" growth chart by going to the second post found under that link. The think outside the box is still being offered free so don't delay in signing up and see the first post for how it should work.

I appreciate you being patient as I shift gears so to speak.. I am very excited about this opportunity to share more and believe it will be a great service to our community at Paperthreads. See you there!


Posted earlier today....

Hello Nikki, Shae, Margaret, Mary and Deb,

Oh my gosh I am totally embarrassed I just realized by reading my post from the sixth that I was going to open that yahoo group and give you the supplies list for the growth chart on the tenth... for some reason I had it stuck in my mind to start today! I guess I better get a calendar in front of my face!!!!

Well here's the deal ... I'm working with Michelle to get a place on the forum, hopefully today! Rather than go off to another group... this way it will feel nice and cozy like home!!!

Once we get our spot set up on the forum I will post the link here for you to go to then you can sign in and I will have the supply list for you there...

All the classes will be instructed right from the forum...sound nice!

So off to get that prepared for you!

I'm sorry for the delay!!



Anonymous said...

No problem. The paperthreads site sounds like a great place to have it all posted. Don't stress--we all understand!!!


Carrie Schwartz said...


You are just too sweet! I promise I won't stress! Thank you for understanding!

Now off to get it set up....


Anonymous said...

I will see you there!