Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm a little late but.... have I had all kinds of computer problems...last night after getting everyone off to bed I sat down to connect to the internet.... I couldn't!! I couldn't get any email either than I realized my husband had switch services and the new modem was still packed sitting on a shelf....

Thank goodness my husband pitched in and we got it going... but then I had to set it all up...create accounts... YUC! and all that crazy stuff....

Then I had problems with cutting thing after another you know how it goes... my usb came unplugged and I spent an hour trying to figure it out!! Finally I called guys know how wonderful she is!!! With in minutes she was on my computer and had it fixed!!! WHEW!!! So I do apologize for the delay.... I'm also preparing to leave for the weekend...lots of shopping, packing and all that stuff!

I'm giving you the owl file it's one of my favorites since my mother use to collect owls.... September is the month she past away... so it seemed fitting to honor her by creating an owl of my own!! I hope you like it!! And Hope to see someones layout or project from using it!

That would be such a gift to me......HINT!...HINT!!!!

So have a good night I will be pulling this off in less than twenty-four hours since I'll be out of town..... So don't delay in downloading!!!



Melinda said...

Thank you for sharing your darling owls!!! You are very talented!!

Carrie Schwartz said...

Thank You Melinda! I'm just thrilled that I can do what I love.... ART and Design! And sharing it makes it all that much better!

Happy Scrapping!