Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Organizing and Learning

It's hard to get to everything, lately! Last week my new Klick-N-Kut arrived... I've got to tell you it's the best purchase that I have EVER made!!! And so thrilled Michelle has encouraged her designers to get it!

I had to laugh when it arrived... it's size and durablilty is nothing like the wishblade! I took a picture for you to see!!

Some of the difference that I noticed right away... SPEED! When I went to test the pen tool and it took off... I jumped back nearly falling into my chair! And it wasn't even set to the highest setting! Even with the speed the cuts are nice and smooth!!!!

I love the way it loads and how you can adjust the rollers to sit right on top of any size paper... so if you need to cut a 6 x 6 sheet of paper you just adjust the rollers and set origin with a computerized touch pad right on the front of the machine!

Then their is the software....it's loaded!!! The program is a full scale graphics art program... so no need to go out and purchase expensive software... this has it! Some of the steps like welding once you get the letters overlapping just like you want then, with a click of a button...your fonts are welded.

It's a big program with customized settings so their is much to learn... which it seems like my nose is in the manual a lot here lately... but it's all good! The more customized settings the better the file...better quality!

One of my favorite features is when you go to cut.... a file, you have all these colored lines that outline each element... you no longer have to move any of the files.... you just go to cut select cut by color and place that colored paper on the mat.... then it cuts only that color...AWESOME feature!!!!!

If you are considering the leap towards the KNK.... I have to give it a thumbs up... you won't regret it!! As I play more with it I'll post more about it....

I'm still working on converting files... I will be giving away one tomorrow...thanks for your patience... just trying to regroup, figure out this program and organize my neglected scrap room!

happy scrapping!



Anonymous said...

I'm excited to find your blog with your input on the KnK. I am waiting on one which I have ordered and is on back-order. Can't wait to read more of your input soon. Linda