Friday, September 21, 2007


I am so excited about this file!!!!

We visit a park near our home, it takes about twenty-five minutes to get there. It's called Rocket park and I love it because it inspires my little ones to use their imagination!

Role playing- it's such an important part of childhood.... they climb into rockets and off in space they fly.... WHEE! Soon Jesse's face turns serious as he pilots the space shuttle and to catch this memory makes my heart sore with JOY or to see the Julie smile as she runs through the launch pad...

I want my children to use their imaginations, to be creative, to step outside themselves it's all apart of childhood and if I can help them along the way to take on a different role I will go to those places.... What do you do to encourage your child's imagination?

The Blast Off! Super Pack is now available for purchase in the store.

To celebrate the release of my new file I'm giving away some of the elements found in this super pack.. The download includes the title "Shoot for the Stars", the space shuttle and my flying stars. PLEASE, do not share my work with anyone, this is just for YOU!



Anonymous said...

You made my day--these are so cute--thanks for sharing!

Have a great weekend. Are you going to put the ribbon cards in the store--I think I NEED them!


Carrie Schwartz said...

Hi Nikki,

I'm so glad you like the "Shoot for the Stars" file! I had so much fun creating them.

I am in the middle of working on the cards right now...converting them to the different formats. And YES they will be placed in the store!

I'm wondering did you check your PM in the forum? The classes are now in session!

Have a great weekend too!


TammyB said...

Cute files - these will match perfectly with the Karen Foster Outer Space papers. Thanks so much!

Carrie Schwartz said...

Hi Tammy,

I haven't seen Karen Fosters papers yet but I"ll do a search. I'm so glad you can use them! If you share your layout with me and I can post it to the blog and place in the store.... I'll give you the other half of the file "Blast OFF", that file contains the space ships, moon and stars with the streamers!



Dana said...

These are just adorable. I just saw your stuff on Ppaerthreads. I don't think i noticed any of your work before! But it is fabulous. I am off to but this pack!

Carrie Schwartz said...

Hi Dana,

Why thank you that's so sweet it really encourages me to keep designing!

I hope you'll come back to visit my blog where I offer free files, contest, organization and photo tips or just some good old eye candy.

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!