Monday, November 03, 2008

New files...and a big congratulations to Jessica!



Thank you ladies for taking the time to vote! 

I think both of the ladies did a fantastic job!  They took up the task and showed their talents!  It was way to hard for me to decide so I'm thrilled that you helped me out! Jessica will receive all of my Halloween files...YEAH!

Sue and Jessica are coming aboard my CDT, which I am so excited to announce and ever more excited that they said YES!  So keep watch these two will be showing you more of their work.

Also,  Jessica submitted a layout for the Scrap-a-holics Anonymous contest, she WON!

Her layout will be on the front homepage all month long...

CONGRATULATIONS Jessica for creating such a fantastic layout!!!!

And here's the layout that she submitted...Isn't it fantastic!





New YUMMY files to wet your appetite!





    Meet Alex the Alligator! 

He's fun! Expressive and my newest edition!

This little guy was totally inspired by Sue!  Who has been working hard creating the cutest alphabet book for her soon to be born grandson.  If you happen to be a member of my Carrie's Creations Yahoo group you can see some of her pages in the folder she is sharing with the group.  It's a must see!

So needless to say with Sue's great little book I will continue to create this adorable animals so you can build your own personal alphabet book.  What a way to introduce reading to a young child! 





Maple Leaf and acorn-

My favorite season growing up as a child was summer, but that has changed.  I just love fall the cool evenings and warm sunny days.  The colors of the changing leaves, the interesting seeds and nuts.  One of our favorite activities is to walk through a thick wood and explore what has fallen to the ground.  I love to see the excitement on a child's face when they open a big milk weed pod and see the seeds flooding away.  You could say my inspiration to create this file came from some of those walks.

Here are some ideas for you to use with the die-cuts from this file.  Decorate a fall page by filling a page with numerous leaves or use a couple at the edge of a photo.  You could use them as the background for a fall title. 

Try sending a fall card to cheer some one up. Window stickers they seem to be the rage any more, decorate your car or home with them.  How about placing them on a bulletin board. 

They are easy to cut with directions to help you to ink the edges so you will have some realistic fall leaves.

Girly Girl titles-      

Girls girls girls!

That's what my house if full of! With four girls I had to made some girly-girl titles!  


  • CS00311         Unique

        •         fantastic
          •         Silly
          •         Dream
          •         Girly Girl
          •         daughter
          •         happy
          •         Creative
          •         Sunshine
          •         Super Star
          • Titles can be place on just about any girly girl page!  You can use several at a time like Unique daughter or Creative Sunshine or use them individually.  I have placed some fun little images in there too!  Like a couple stars, a dashed arrow, a cloud and sun.  



Girly Girl: Fabulus Title

Every thing is Fabulus in the eyes of a young girl!  It's not misspelled it's the hottest new verbiage from watching Sharpay! I WANT FABULUS and now you can have it.  Decorate any young girls pages with this current trendy title.



HaPpY ScRaPpInG!